A Barb Feldman iphone brooch sits on the window sill in my studio. It reminds me how much polymer and Apple are entwined in my experience. Seeing this cultural icon played back as a cane slice usually makes me smile.

Today the brooch is a reminder of how technology and our craft and my family grew up together and what a debt we owe to Steve Jobs.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    It seems like there really are so few “good guys” in industry– but Steve somehow always managed to look like a hero.I’m sure he had his share of faults, but in a world where we feel victimized by big business to the point people are literally taking to the streets, he was a refreshing oasis. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • reply carissa ,

      you are absolutely right cynthia. where would the polymer clay community be today without computers and technology to spread the word? Kudos to Steve and all his hard work.

      • reply Seth ,

        Polymer and Apple are really a big part of my life. Today is a very sad day indeed. Thank you Cynthia.

        • reply Robin Daurelle ,

          My husband just relayed an ironic and sad commentary, there is a church group that is going to picket his funeral since he was well in their eyes not a “perfect christian”. I don’t know their exact grief with him but what stood out is the organizer did so on an I-phone………

          • reply doreen kassel ,

            thanks cynthia. same for me, steve jobs amazing work & vision has enhanced my life immeasurably, professionally & personally. he was only 56, i wonder what else he could have done. his energy & aesthetic will be missed.

            • reply caren ,

              God bless Steve Jobs. He changed our lives, he changed the world, we can do things today and be connected in ways we never dreamed of not so long ago. I am proud to be a member of his generation.

              • reply Priscilla ,

                What a visionary he was, and what a nice way for you to honor his memory today.

                • reply Patti Stoll ,

                  Thank you for posting this little tribute, Cynthia! Well said. All of us Techie-Types are mourning today, and grateful for what he brought to us to use…

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