Grown-up rolled beads

What is it about rolled beads that fascinates us? Is it because we made them as kids that we want to try them again?

These grown-up polymer versions are from Page McNall. She adds graduated color, texture, and embedded trinkets with a wash of color – taking rolled beads to a whole new level.

Page has been experimenting. See what she’s up to on her Flickr page.

  • reply Maria Petkova ,

    Page McNall is so creative person! She always surprises me with her experiments.I learn a lot from her tutorials. Great beads as always! Big thanks for the inspiration Page McNall and thank you for sharing Cynthia!

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      Love it when people take a simple idea and make it new. As a fiber lover, I also like her mokume gane burlap beads. Thanks for the share, Cynthia!

      • reply rmkdesign ,

        I think it’s because they are at once primitive and sophisticated..a simple idea that canbe taken (as here) in a complex and very thoughtful direction. Well done Page!

        • reply Sandra D. ,

          love her beads specially the colors and the dimension of the beads.

          • reply Page ,

            Thank you Cynthia for your recognition of my fanciful rolled beads. I must have absorbed some good creative energy at the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild…being in the same room as Rebecca Watkins and Laura Tabakman inspired me! Page

            • reply Beth Wheeling ,

              I went to Page’s Flickr page and thought it was so nice of her to be so generous with sharing her techniques.
              More importantly, I am impressed that she gives credit to those who gave her inspiration. I love her unique take on so much of the faux bone and techniques and the fact that she shares her ways to make beads look aged.
              Page, you are the kind of artist I can admire for your skill, your generosity of knowledge and your integrity in telling us where your inspiration came from. You are both ethical and generative.
              I am weary of seeing people who claim to have created techniques that are really variations on the work of very talented people. We all need inspirations and to be open about where you get your inspiration broadens my world. I can go to even more sites and see what artists are doing (which has become a recreational activity of late). I am going to work with Tory Hughes in November and I have great respect for Luann Udell.
              Consider me a fan of your work and your style. A polymer bouquet to you!

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