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Rees self portrait

Utah’s Adam Thomas Rees thinks big. He usually covers large animal sculptures with polymer patterns but this time his subject was himself. First he painted a self-portrait. Then he decided to continue his self study by converting the painting to a 12.5″ x 10″ cane. He chopped the big cane into 20 small (2.5″) square […] Read more

Super size polymer

Hi all! This is Christi Friesen checking in while Cynthia is off having adventures! I’ve always appreciated that PCD showcases such a diversity of polymer creations. I’m especially delighted to see what others are doing. Like this guy, Adam Rees, whose work I came across in a gallery in Washington. I was part of a […] Read more

Hola senorita

Julie Eakes is getting in touch with her inner Spaniard as she prepares for EuroClay Carnival in Madrid in September. This cane was initially designed to be an inchie! Inspired by Adam Thomas Rees’ multi-part cane, Julie built her flamenco dancer as two 4″x4″ squares (top and bottom) which she reduced separately. On her blog […] Read more

StudioMojo Shops

These tools and links appeared in StudioMojo over the years and were gathered from readers’ suggestions, from sharing at conferences, and from late night web surfing. The page is thrown together in a loosely organized way. I tired of having to back through old Mojos to find an obscure link and I bet you’ve felt […] Read more

Fast-forward polymer

Adam Thomas Rees’ video of his cane-covered polymer foxes gives you a look at how he creates his sculptures (he fires the bases first) and may make you consider working on a turntable (it looks so efficient). This Utah artist doesn’t reveal how long it took him to shoot these fast forward videos. You’ll be […] Read more