Rees self portrait

Rees on PCDaily

Utah’s Adam Thomas Rees thinks big. He usually covers large animal sculptures with polymer patterns but this time his subject was himself.

First he painted a self-portrait. Then he decided to continue his self study by converting the painting to a 12.5″ x 10″ cane.

Rees on PCDaily

He chopped the big cane into 20 small (2.5″) square canes to minimize waste and distortion during reduction. The reduced canes were then reassembled into the finished portrait.

The process is fascinating to see (and his web site is under the weather). I’ve repeated his Facebook photos in a special gallery for you non-FB readers.

It’s not just the size and reduction that make us study Adam’s cane. What look like slap-dash layers of unexpected color build into an exciting self portrait.

That should start your wheels turning on a Monday!

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Incredible! Such a talented Man.

    • reply Marian Hertzog ,

      Wow! Canes are not my strong suit so I cannot imagine keeping that in proportion! Polymer is an amazingly diverse medium. His use of color is interesting.

      • reply Gerri McCullough ,

        Thank you, Cynthia!! You are the first person to make something available for non-FB people. It is very greatly appreciated!

        • reply Carole Monahan ,

          I love Adam’s pieces !! As I always ask him on his facebook page —- HOW many hours did this take ?

          • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

            Amazing! Rees is certainly multi-talented and I very much enjoyed this post.

            • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

              Spectacular! So painterly! Groundbreaking reduction methods.

              • reply Mary Kaye Waterson ,

                This is so amazing. So what is he going to do with miles of his face? I’d use it as a signature cane.

                • reply Lorrene ,

                  Cynthia, amazing… flat out stunning work. Thanks, again.

                  • reply ali ,

                    Wow, that is amazing! I’m always impressed by people who can create such intricate canes and something on this scale blows my mind. Excellent work.

                    • reply sandra gibson ,

                      Amazing cane work,I love all his animals.The combination of colours,are wonderful

                      • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                        One of the finest canes I’ve ever seen.

                        • reply Kimberly Arden ,

                          He has enough ‘Signature’ canes slices for life!

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