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Hi all! This is Christi Friesen checking in while Cynthia is off having adventures! I’ve always appreciated that PCD showcases such a diversity of polymer creations. I’m especially delighted to see what others are doing. Like this guy, Adam Rees, whose work I came across in a gallery in Washington.

I was part of a group and we were all astounded at the size of his work! His octopus was about two feet tall and at least three feet across. It’s hard to tell from his site exactly how he creates and bakes such large pieces (the gallery owner thought he had a custom-made oven). However he does it, it’s pretty impressive.

His canework reminds me of exuberant folk art, and adds a wonderful voice to his sculptures. I especially like his massive polar bear piece. Hmmmm, that would look pretty good in my living room….

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Carol Dotin, winner of last week’s giveaway, an autographed copy of Terra Nova – Polymer Art at the Crossroads. Thanks to all who took the survey.

Guest post by Christi Friesen

  • reply Daniela \ Alkhymeia ,

    Amazing work, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • reply Diane Smith ,

      Wow. Just wow.
      Thanks, Christi for sharing this amazing artist.

      • reply genevieve ,

        I especially enjoyed the videos on his website. It much be quite a work out to condition that much clay at one time!
        Thanks Christi!

        • reply Alice Stroppel ,

          I’ve always been so happy to have a regular size oven for clay only, but I can only imagine his oven. His work is pretty spectacular, I’d love to see it in person. Thank for sharing his work.

          • reply Loretta ,

            wow! I’m sure this work will make the caners drool but for me it’s about the expressiveness of the animals. The face and posture of the fox, the otter, the giraffe! These are beautiful sculptures. tx!

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Whoa, truly incredible work! Talk about creating “realistic”, labor-intensive beauty.

              • reply Deborah Ross ,

                Oh my gosh!! How did this awesome polymer clay artist escape our attention for so long? What beautiful work, not only the canes but the patterns he creates with them. His sculptures alone are magnificent! I will follow his blog from now on.

                • reply jana ,

                  Given that there aren’t many of us polymer folk here in Utah, I was drawn to Adam’s pieces when I first saw them in a Salt Lake gallery….but, the pieces were far smaller than the amazing creations shown here! I didn’t know he worked in such a large scale….Beautiful!

                  • reply Tammie Crawforth ,

                    Wow! Those are just amazing!

                    • reply Trina Williams ,

                      Love the bear! His work reminds me of Jon Anderson but on a grander scale. (When Jon and Robert Shields parted ways I picked up some JA beads at Robert’s gallery store in Sedona and I have a very small lizard.) The intracacy of the canework is amazing. Wonder which clay he uses.

                      • reply Trina Williams ,

                        Answering my own question. Looks like Fimo in the conditioning clay sequence on UTube. Go to his website and watch the videos! The oven, Alice, looks like a miniature of those drive-in ovens at an auto body shop.

                      • reply Pati Bannister ,


                        • reply iris mishly ,

                          Another wow from me too!
                          A lot of muscles are required for these projects!
                          My hands hurt just from thinking of the huge amount of conditioned clay!

                          Totally un-believable!
                          thank you Christi for showing us his work 🙂

                          • reply phil ,

                            he prolly uses sculpey, which you can back with a blow dryer or a heat gun.

                            I have NOT done this myself, however there are numerous sources on the interwebz stating you can do this.

                            i would imagine you want a light touch and a respirator.

                            • reply Kim Hale ,

                              WOW those are really neat. I would love to see them in person. That Octopus would look really cool on my pool deck!

                              • reply Valerie ,

                                Amazing artist. I can’t even imagine the patience needed to create one of these. My hands hurt just looking at the clay, lol.

                                • reply ladee ,

                                  His work is outstanding… would love to see that custom oven…… just beautiful work….

                                  • reply Sandra ,

                                    His creations are large, beautiful and toked him several week to finish one. Thanks again

                                    • reply Arlene Schiek ,

                                      this work certainly is impressive. I too found it was reminiscent of the Jon Anderson work I saw a few years back but , obviously, much larger. I’d love to know if it is totally polymer or polymer canes applied to a different base material? At first I thought…got to have baked this with a heat gun but am now reading about the custom oven….gotta look this up! No matter how he does it the results are marvelous. Don’t know which I love more…the sculpting or the cane work.

                                      • reply Arlene Schiek ,

                                        Just got back from further searching Adam Rees on u tube. Am more impressed than ever. Thank you Adam for sharing so much of your technique with the world!

                                        • reply suzanne ,

                                          wow! this guy is just awesome!!!! i love his videos, his albums, and all.
                                          Christi, i guess this might just inspire you for some new models….

                                          thanks so much for sharing!


                                          • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                                            I’m in love with this work. Thanks for sharing, Christi.

                                            • reply Anna ,

                                              Christie…I just downloaded the free e-book. . . thank you so much. I’ve always (well, since I was first aware of Polymer Clay)…been interested..and it would come and go but just had no idea how to start the basics. I look forward to reading the book…:) Anna

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