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Icing on the cake

Galina Grebennikova’s extruded beads show a positively brilliant modification of devices. She uses icing tips to get the effects she wants. Look at what she does with this ruffle tip. Galina’s discovery got me wondering about what other clever ideas and shapes are out there. Spring push contest How have you used my Global Extruder […] Read more

Manicured pendant and free tutorial

We end the week with pumpkin-colored pendant that comes with a Friday freebie tutorial. Galina Grebennikova shows how she achieved this neatly textured pendant with no molds, no stamps. The tool she uses looks like something you’d find in a manicure set or a toolbox. The trick is repeat, repeat, repeat and then highlight with […] Read more

Back to school polymer

Galina Grebennikova takes us back to school with the rest of the kids with a straightforward free tutorial for these beads on her Flickr page. A button, some water and a circle cutter are the only tools required. Galina is Russian and living in Ireland. Her photographs are pristine and clear making it a smooth […] Read more

Making faux findings

Can’t find the bead caps or findings to finish a piece? Make them from polymer like Galina Grebennikova does. Galina adds faux metal appliques onto many of her beads for a rich, old effect. Read more in blog posts here and here. You may need to use the translator widget to read about how she […] Read more

Polymer for warmth

The wintry chill has me looking at polymer that helps keep your neck warm. Russian polymer artist Galina Grebennikova from Dublin, Ireland recycles men’s silk ties into her necklaces. Clever and useful. Italy’s Ilenia Moreni finishes off a luscious yellow silk scarf with polymer finial cones for an ancient and exotic bit of warmth. Both […] Read more

Global design trends

Tina Holden, Canada Galina Grbennikova, Ireland Gudrun Stolz, Austria The first three wire-filled forms filled with polymer clay come from two very different sources. Tina Holden from Vancouver Island was thinking of Picasso when she bent her rebar wire into shapes and filled them with clay. Galina Grbennikova (she writes in Russian and lives in […] Read more