Making faux findings

Can’t find the bead caps or findings to finish a piece? Make them from polymer like Galina Grebennikova does.

Galina adds faux metal appliques onto many of her beads for a rich, old effect. Read more in blog posts here and here. You may need to use the translator widget to read about how she cleverly makes her own cord using double stick tape, thread and tubing.

If translating is too much for you (she’s Russian and lives in Ireland), go to her Flickr site to browse through her experiments like this faux dichroic bead.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    I love the polymer clay Faux_Dichroic_Glass_Beads.

    • reply Susanne ,

      Love her work!

      • reply Gera Chandler ,

        WOW!… and what a timely treasure trove of ideas!! The clever cord process solved a problem I was having with a new idea….(thanks soooo much!!)
        GORGEOUS work!!

        (go Canucks!)

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Such beautiful, creative and meticulously crafted work! What an innovative artist and so kind to share such wonderful ideas!

          • reply Galina Grebennikova ,

            Dear Cynthia!
            Thank you for mentioning me in Polymer Clay Daly. I’m very excited and thrilled.
            I am a moderator of a large Russian-speaking community of polymer clay lovers. We often hold competitions and I hope you will be interested to see the works of our members. The last two competitions was dedicated to Tiffany stained glass windows and works of Hundertwasser.
            You can see our polymer clay creations here –
            If you have any questions regarding authors or anything else, I’ll be glad to answer.
            Best regards
            Galina Grebennikova

            • reply Sera ,

              I have been cruising Galina’s website for hours. What an amazing collection. There is one piece there – a multi textured, multilayered piece – that is one of the most divine polymer pieces I’ve seen. This woman is a real talent!

              • reply Evelien ,

                I just got the whole swellegant range in and I am still learning what to do with it and this is just so inspiring!

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