Manicured pendant and free tutorial

Grebennikova on PCDaily

We end the week with pumpkin-colored pendant that comes with a Friday freebie tutorial.

Galina Grebennikova shows how she achieved this neatly textured pendant with no molds, no stamps. The tool she uses looks like something you’d find in a manicure set or a toolbox.

The trick is repeat, repeat, repeat and then highlight with dark colors. Here’s the photo tutorial.

Galina’s from Moscow and lives in Irvine, California. Small world! She offers some texture variations on her blog here. PCD has picked up some of her other tricks in these past posts.

  • reply delphine ,

    Another wonderful artist from the East ! thanks a lot for the tutorial, that’s simple and easy Polymer- quite what I like !

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      Lovely work, and the pictorial is well-done & shows a generous spirit.

      • reply Candice Bishop ,

        That looks like a piece you’d see at a Sci-Fi convention. The colors are spectacular, and after looking at the tutorial is it not done how I would have guess. What a cool piece!

        • reply Jan Montarsi ,

          I saw these a little while ago on Flickr . Thanks for your demo. I just receive my “wax carving” 12 piece tool set to give it a go.

          Thanks again !!!

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            Galina (bounty GG) is just brilliant–always finding new ways to do something (like her incredible tute on creating a hollow coring dies for your extruder with stuff from your garage), and such a generous spirit– to me she represents the best of the polymer community. And it doesn’t hurt that her work is so gorgeous!

            • reply Laura ,

              Very interesting. When I see designs I try and figure them out in my head before I see the technique and this was not what I was expecting and a lot easier too! Keep up the great work!

              • reply Priscilla ,

                I found this tut a few weeks ago and made a custom button for a knitter-friend. Galina is so generous to share her ideas.

                • reply Maria Petkova ,

                  Galina Grebennikova is great artist!I admire hers elegant and exquisite jewelry.It look so well finished and represented.It`s wonderful that she shares her experience with us!

                  • reply Barb Lessen ,

                    Beautiful work with such a simple tool!!!

                    • reply Wendy Jorre de st Jorre ,

                      Such a great page….I love finding new things to try! Thanks for the link PCD.

                      • reply e brout ,

                        love Galina’s work- especially her textured/sculpted surfaces …looked at tutorial …can she send me her prices ??

                        • reply Vanessa Lourenço ,

                          Beautiful piece! 🙂

                          • reply deb obrien ,

                            How does she achieve that wooden look with the blackened patina in the recesses? This is very beautiful and simple, I made a version of it, but have no idea what to do with it. It is still in the raw state. Needless to say, im a newbie. Thanks for any advice.

                            • reply Nika ,

                              Prosto prekrasno!

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