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Neumaier and Voila

Germany’s Kathrin Neumaier has me delighted and confused. I think that the complex geometric patterns and delicately drawn designs she brings to her work are image transfers onto polymer but I’m not absolutely sure. Either way, I’m impressed with her colors and her attention to detail. Perhaps you can find something in the translation that […] Read more

See-through polymer

In her latest batch of Flickr photos, Kathrin Neumaier gives us an update on her studies in coaxing liquid polymer to behave like glass. This series appears to be solid. She says in her captions that she’s using liquid Fimo. Kathrin has also mastered using Cernit and other materials in her quest to unlock the secrets […] Read more

Soft, hollow, complex translucents

Germany’s Kathrin Neumaier has moved on from simple translucent beads to more complex shapes like the pale hollow bead below which she has electro-formed with copper.Her solid imitative glass drop earrings have a warm mellow glow about them. Kathrin explains that her collection of long Soft String polymer necklaces are colored with inks (as shown here) or […] Read more

Spun polymer

See what Kathrin Neumaier has been up to using liquid Fimo and chalks or inks. For this December batch she uses the polymer like spun sugar to achieve a blown glass translucency. At least that’s what I’m guessing from her cryptic captions. One of these days we’ll find out what Kathrin’s learned but for now, […] Read more

Mysterious methods

Kathrin Neumaier has uploaded a new batch of translucent polymer earrings to Flickr. You may find it difficult to choose a favorite from these watery colored wonders. She uses Pardo translucent clay and performs her own brand of magic to spin and swirl inks into patterns of color. Kathrin has only revealed her ingredients, the rest […] Read more

See through polymer

We can’t talk about translucent clay without checking to see what Kathrin Neumeier is up to, teasing us with another series of her glass-like earrings. She uses Pardo clay with inks to create patterns and achieve light catching effects. If I’m not mistaken, the red earrings in her recent photos have burn spots on them. […] Read more

Going too far with polymer

Kathrin Neumaier tantalizes us one more time with her translucent polymer tricks. In this experiment her faux amber Honigtropfen (Honey Drops) beads are made from uncolored Pardo clay. Kathrin pushes the boundaries as she takes the material beyond it’s recommended baking temperature. In the comments she hints that she baked the colorless clay, “…too long […] Read more

Drawn to translucent

Kathrin Neumaier taunts us with more of her tantalizing Pardo translucent creations. This time she shows thin color-blended petals gathered and suspended from earwires. Makes you think of projects to try for spring, doesn’t it? This hummingbird seems to be attracted to the flowers! It’s a big cane (2 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide) from […] Read more

Stacked polymer shards

These faux sea glass earrings are part of my live online Wednesday night Craftcast class. The soft and colorful alure of polymer shards pair nicely with the muted tones of my faux rocks. The pebbles and glass could have been scooped up off the beach. Claire Maunsell’s glass butterflies from yesterday veer in another direction and […] Read more