Neumaier and Voila

Neumaier's faux cane pendant
Neumaier's spiral earrings

Germany’s Kathrin Neumaier has me delighted and confused. I think that the complex geometric patterns and delicately drawn designs she brings to her work are image transfers onto polymer but I’m not absolutely sure.

Either way, I’m impressed with her colors and her attention to detail. Perhaps you can find something in the translation that I missed.

Neumaier's spring bangle in polymer

Kathrin is one of four German artists featured on the Euro Voila site this week. You’ll want to click through them all for a Monday shot of inspiration.

  • reply Susanne ,

    It’s actually all transfer and it’s amazing!
    I really love her work and her sophisticated
    use of colours very much!

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      What gorgeous transfer work! I’m bookmarking Kathrin’s Flickr site as a fav!

      • reply Jeannie ,

        It’s transfer and her work is mesmerizing and beautiful.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Beautiful work, Kathlin! Transfers are not as easy as some might think. Great job. I agree with Cynthia… wonderful, soft, delicious colors. I especially like your Skinner Blend pastel snail pendant (which, I assume, isn’t a transfer… right?).

          • reply Marlene Brady ,

            Wow. She is my hero in transfers. What beautiful work!

            • reply chel ,

              I love these! I’m trying to achieve something similar with my watercolor beads (color-wise) but her eye for pattern and color together is something I aspire to. Thank you for the inspiration!!

              • reply AbracadabrA ,

                wOw it’s just crazy !!! I am not a specialist in transfert, but she seems to be good, very good !!!

                • reply Meisha Barbee ,

                  These subtle transfers are amazing. I particularly love how the fine black lines seem to add a whole other dimension and bring her pieces to life. I also love her bracelet cuffs on her flicker site…very mod and current. Great Work!

                  • reply Céline ,

                    J’adore ++++++
                    C’est magnifique ce qu’elle fait !

                    • reply amy ,

                      So inspiring, Awesome work!

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