Drawn to translucent

Kathrin Neumaier taunts us with more of her tantalizing Pardo translucent creations. This time she shows thin color-blended petals gathered and suspended from earwires. Makes you think of projects to try for spring, doesn’t it?

This hummingbird seems to be attracted to the flowers! It’s a big cane (2 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide) from Jennifer Patterson. She’ll fill in the voids with translucent to reduce the cane.

Here’s her Quilted in Clay fan page with pictures of her booth and other great canes.

Survey #3

This survey asks a few brief questions about monetizing your work. Whether you hope to cover your costs or support a lavish lifestyle, we’d like to hear from you. This is the third of four surveys Judy Belcher and I made for our Synergy3 presentation in the spring. We’re loving all your responses!

Anke Humpert is surveying European polymer artists to bring the Synergy crowd an accurate picture of how polymer is faring there. Read about her data-gathering and take the survey here.

  • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

    WOWOWOWOW! Man, Ms Neumaier just OWNS translucent.

    • reply Anke Humpert ,

      Kathrin at her best…;-))
      Thank you very much for adding the link to my survey, Chynthia!!!

      • reply Meisha ,

        Kathrin’s use of the translucent medium if amazing. Cynthia, thank you for highlighting this awe inspiring work. My jaw drops every time I see her work.

        • reply suzanne ,

          Kathrin’s transluscent art is so breath taking and wonderfully delicate! she is amazing!

          • reply Barbara Poland-Waters ,

            I absolutely love her work, but it was my understanding that she creates these beautiful pieces with Fimo gel. Perhaps I am mistaken.

            • reply Barbara Poland-Waters ,

              I’m sorry, I was mistaken, she used Fimo gel for a different type of bead, faux beach glass.

              • reply DawnGaye ,

                Actually, Barbara, it you look at her new photos up on Flickr, you’ll see she’s begun to label which is Pardo & which is Fimo & a for few of them, they are pretty much the same style & one can barely see a difference! I am mezmorized:)

            • reply Barb Lessen ,

              • reply Kim Schlinke ,

                I want to be a mouse under her table for a while. I am constantly blown away by her work.

                • reply Claire ,

                  I have completed Survey #3. I live in New Zealand but there was not the option to pick this as my location, so I selected Australia as it was the nearest place.

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