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48,283 and 500

48,283 – That’s the number of hearts that Ron Lehocky has created for his Kids Project since 2005. Year by year he moved the goalposts and predicts he’ll crack 50,000 in 2021. Each heart raises $10. When Ron put out the word, scraps from artists far and wide started arriving. He transforms scrap into heart […] Read more

Polymer and pearls

I don’t quite know how I developed the habit, but I always wear polymer jewelry. Except for tomorrow. I pulled these pearls out of a box of jewels from my mother. We didn’t always (ok, never) agreed on politics but I know Ruth would approve of my wearing her pearls tomorrow. They may not be […] Read more

Be grateful

Jayne Dwyer and Ron Lehocky teamed up for today’s batch of hearts. Jayne’s canes, Ron’s hearts. A marvelous collaboration. You may not be where you intended to be this Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter. You can be friends with anybody, you can be family with anybody. Reach out to someone today. Be thankful.

Unbroken circle of friends

I like the bags of “inchies” swapped and then squirreled away in ziplocks in the back of the bottom drawer. They make me nostalgic and bring a smile. But much better to do what the Kentucky group did this year and create arty trinkets that you can wear or drape from shelves. Swappers received short […] Read more

A nip in the woods

Kentucky’s Chris Owens (chris325o) uses layers of Cernit metallic clays with a touch of Sculpey Souffle white to achieve this tree bark look. She’s made a big mokume gane veneer that wraps all around the Blue Bark Flask. Chris makes luscious mid-century modern patterns collide with woodsy colors. Usually, you hide a flask but I’d […] Read more

The Queen of hearts

When the King of Hearts loses his Queen, we all grieve with him. Ron Lehocky’s wife Peg passed away on Monday, September 21, 2020, after a long and valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. What a wonderful partner she was to Ron! As a physician’s wife, she knew she shared him with countless patients and their […] Read more

Scrap zeitgeist

What is it about these scrap collaborations that seem so au courant? Ron Lehocky uses Laurie Prophater’s scrap veneers to make controlled, comprehensible patterns. Ron makes order out of what looks like colorful chaos. That’s what we’re hungry for.  Wouldn’t we all like to know how to make beauty and sense of what swirls around […] Read more

Ya gotta have heart…

This batch of hearts from Ron Lehocky has an energy that I can’t quite explain. They buzz and vibrate in an unusual way. We’ve got a Skinner blend base with a layer of opposing Skinner blend slices that are accompanied by depressed dots. Up/down, in/out over shifting colors.  My impulse is to fondle these delicious […] Read more

Putting nature in polymer

These robin canes from New Hampshire’s Jayne Dwyer closely mimic what I saw outside my kitchen window this morning. Jayne has a grasp of figurative caning matched by few other artists. Her shading and depth keep getting better. Jayne generously sends her cane ends to Ron Lehocky, Ohio inmates, and others. The caned images are […] Read more