Polymer and pearls

Cynthia parties with pearls...and polymer...for today on PolymerClayDaily.com

I don’t quite know how I developed the habit, but I always wear polymer jewelry. Except for tomorrow.

I pulled these pearls out of a box of jewels from my mother. We didn’t always (ok, never) agreed on politics but I know Ruth would approve of my wearing her pearls tomorrow. They may not be real. Who cares? There’s a woman in the White House!

My earrings will be polymer…maybe from Elise Winters or Tory Hughes or some other artist who didn’t live to see today but would enjoy the festivities. I’m sure I can rifle through my collection of Ron Lehocky hearts and find something for a patriotic occasion. Wear something celebratory and join the polymer and pearls party.

  • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

    Excellent plan – we Canadians are excited too!

    • reply Christine Buss ,

      Hooray for pearls and polymer!

      • reply Barbara Pilcher ,

        Pearls it is! Count me in.

        • reply Judy Belcher ,

          Pearls, earrings by my daughter and chucks! Great day!

          • reply Wendy Malinow ,

            Good idea! I wore my skills and pearls necklace today!

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