The Queen of hearts

When the King of Hearts loses his Queen, we all grieve with him.

Ron Lehocky’s wife Peg passed away on Monday, September 21, 2020, after a long and valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. What a wonderful partner she was to Ron!

Queen of Hearts, Peg Lehocky

As a physician’s wife, she knew she shared him with countless patients and their families, and in the polymer clay world, she shared him with all of us as well. Ron’s hearts are a testament to his love for Peg, as every heart he has made and will continue to make will have Peg enshrined in it.

Peg was an artist in her own right as well. Her skills with Swedish weaving were treasured gifts for anyone lucky enough to receive one. She worked hard to make sure that all the kids and grandkids had one as a keepsake after she was gone.

Peg and Ron had a love affair that lasted for 46 years. May her memory be a blessing.

Posted by Joey Barnes

  • reply Diane Schratwieser ,

    I’m so very sorry to hear of Ron’s loss. My heart aches for Ron and his family.

    • reply Beverly Borwick ,

      Dear Ron, “The King Of Hearts”

      I never knew about your “Queen Of Hearts” — living in the background, but never in your shadow!
      Your love will live on forever!!!
      As your dear Peg watches and waits for you and continues to inspire you, she will always be your best friend!
      I’m now praying for your peace, comfort and healing, and for joy to always remain in you.

      Love, Beverly ?

      • reply RANDEE M KETZEL ,

        Joey, thank you so much for this–I learned of her passing a few days ago, and yes, we all grieve with Ron. It’s a lovely tribute to an incredibly lovely woman, who will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

        • reply Lynn Vail ,

          So sad for Ron. He has brought such light and love to the world. I’m sure he knows the polymer world will give back our love to him … 10 fold.

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            There are hearts breaking in Nepal and Australia for Ron. As magnificent Ron said, our Samunnat was special to Peg because it was special to him. We hope that he knows he is surrounded by love and wonderful memories. From us to you dear Ron dai, so much love.

            • reply Samunnat Nepal ,

              We all from Samunnat Nepal, ladies feel very sad about hearing the loss of a beautiful person who was the strength and well wisher of Samunnat.Even though we were not in physically known to each other but we can feel the connection. We have got so much love from Ron Dai and of course she was behind the scenarioa. We are sending much love and courage to the family to overcome from the demise of Peg. She will be always in our heart. From All the ladies and Kopila.

              • reply Jan Gonder ,

                Dear Ron, we grieve with you and celebrate such a deep and lasting love. You have friends with you, virtually and in spirit. Love, Jan

                • reply Jennifer Lehocky Coovert ,

                  Your kind words are much appreciated. My mother will be dearly missed. Her spirit will be in each and every heart.

                  • reply Tessie George. Aka Tess Mangold ,

                    I just saw this on Facebook , I’m so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had found a perfect match to share your life together. I’ve thought of you, your brother, George , and your parents as well throughout the years. May your sweet heart RIP my sincere condolences.

                    • reply Eva ,

                      So very sorry for your loss. May God’s peace fill ur heart and sweet memories carry you through.

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