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True to its character, this polymer clay chameleon from Doreen Gay-Kassel blended right in with the other files on my desktop. How lovely to rediscover it. Doreen (we last visited her in July) says she’s got some other new works to be posted on her site soon so check back often. On another note… Who […] Read more

To Dye For

Usually I stay away from project books but "Clay Techniques to Dye For" is a treat, successfully combining artistry with how-to's. The authors (Judy Belcher, Leslie Blackford, Kim Cavender, Donna Kato and Debbie Tlach) cleverly demonstrate how to use a number of Ranger products and Kato Clay in creative and fun ways. It may take […] Read more


Here's a bit of a sampling from the Ravensdale conference in Issaquah, Washington which is only a week away. These beads from Barbara Fajardo will be on display in "The Rave." If you can't get to Ravensdale, visit Barbara's site for lots more info. Or if the conference is just too far away, you might […] Read more

Back and Front

I love it when polymer clay pieces are as interesting on the back as they are on the front and these new pieces from Judy Belcher don't disappoint. Hollie Mion brought these gems and lots of pictures home from the national Shrine Mont conference. Judy doesn't have a web page so I've put a few […] Read more

Pretty in Pink

Primitive and pretty. Primitive and pink. Ronna Weltman has taken a new tack. (Her new photos might not have gotten posted on her site yet.) This light delicate look is a nice departure from the heavier designs we’re used to in polymer work. I guess I’m already in the mood for spring. Judy Belcher’s new […] Read more

Hot Off the Press…

…and just in time for your holiday shopping, Judy Belcher’s new book is out. From the book jacket – "Polymer Clay Creative Traditions lets both beginners and experienced artisans draw inspiration from painting and drawing, ethnic carving, quilting, ceramics, sculpture, glass, metalwork, and more. Through 300 stunning photographs and fascinating text, author Judy Belcher reveals […] Read more

Clay Carnival in Las Vegas

It sounds dangerous and fun. Las Vegas (the Imperial Palace) from February 3 to 5 with Donna Kato, Judy Belcher, Leslie Blackford, Kim Cavender, Cathy Johnston, Sue Kelsey, Jacqueline Lee and Gail Ritchey. There’s a whole lot of talent here…and we’re not talking at the craps table. Get all the lowdown here. I hadn’t seen […] Read more

To London to See the Queen

Perhaps the Queen won’t be in the class but Donna Kato, Leslie Blackford and Judy Belcher will be in Nottingham at Main Street Studios this month. Scroll down on the Studios web site to see their work. Oh, the things they’ll teach and the things they’ll learn.

Cinderella story

Once upon a time France’s Aneliz (Liz and frog) created polymer-covered leopard shoes as a gift for her sister. Not content with her success, she created a second pair based on the work of Japanese artist, Utagawa Hiroshige. Several soul sisters have plotted to disappear with the special slippers. But there’s no prince at the […] Read more

Featured Artist Directory

Over 500 artists have been featured on PCDaily. We need your eagle eyes! If you spot a broken or outdated link, please let us know. ARTISTS RESOURCES SISTER SITES Aaron, Shay Abba Dabba Video Art Bead Scene Abarbanel, Janice Art Source Carrot Box Abrams, Lauren Cole Belle Armoire Color Stripes Ackiron-Moses, Jill Boston Craftworks Craftcast […] Read more