Here’s a bit of Shrine Mont eye candy. This bracelet was a joint project by Judy Belcher and Leslie Blackford who got distracted in a class and spent their time playing in the back of the room. It’s fascinating what a couple of bored and clever girls can do with some simple canes.

I’ve been looking forward to Wednesday night’s Craft in America, a PBS series. Wednesday’s first program, memory, is about how craft artists both carry on historical traditions and create new, uniquely personal work that reflects where we are today as people.

The second hour of the series looks at community and how craft connects us to one another across social and geographical divides.

The final hour looks at landscape and how artisans use their work to express how they see and relate to the world around them.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh, my, Cynthia! You’ve given us another wonderful gem! The preview has left me breathless – I can’t wait until it airs here in Maine. Thank you for sharing this fantastic program.

    Btw, no one should let Judy Belcher sit in the back of the class room – you can’t keep her from getting into trouble tht way! ;P I mean, look how she has corrupted Leslie!! (Only kidding – Wonderful work, you two fantastic, creative women!)

    • reply Peg Harper ,

      Magic Beans! Magic Beans! I have some that I got from Leslie at Clay Carnival last year and I love them to pieces! I even made another set of them in different colors – first to see if I actually could and second – to relive the lovely memory of meeting these two wonderful artists. I have got to get myself to Shrinemont!
      Cynthia, thank you for this site. I find constant inspiration and validation for my addiction! Peg Harper, MHPCG, CO

      • reply Judy Belcher ,

        Craft in America was just wonderful. If you missed it, you really missed out on something special. Go to right now and find out when it will air again in your area. So worth your time to renew your spirit and reaffirm why you do what you do!

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