Once upon a time France’s Aneliz (Liz and frog) created polymer-covered leopard shoes as a gift for her sister.

Not content with her success, she created a second pair based on the work of Japanese artist, Utagawa Hiroshige.

Several soul sisters have plotted to disappear with the special slippers. But there’s no prince at the end of this story and it’s probably best to make your own. You’re picturing what you’d wear them with, aren’t you? The colors are perfect for spring.

Belcher fairytale

Let’s give interior design student Maria Belcher a festive send off  today as she heads to the Czech Republic for a semester abroad. Mother Judy is accompanying Maria and teaching polymer classes along the way. We wish Maria well and hope she’ll still check on PCD every day.


  • reply Kat ,

    J’adore, j’admire ce travail… c’est sublissime

    • reply beabe ,

      • reply isa07 ,

        Extra !!!!!!
        Un vrai tableau.

        • reply Nena ,

          Wow, so beautiful 🙂

          • reply Melinda Hayes ,

            way too cool!

            • reply maryy ,

              C’est vraiment magnifique ! Tu as fait des merveilles Aneliz

              • reply xtine! ,

                super travail! bravo

                • reply Mimi-Pinson ,

                  Félicitations pour cette mise à l’honneur bien méritée!
                  See you later!

                  • reply Electra B. ,

                    Un grand bravo à Aneliz pour cette sublime oeuvre d’art ! Quel talent !!!!

                    • reply caren ,

                      Maria, I hope you get to check out the Czech glass bead making production that dates back centuries. I love Czech beads…please report back to us and have a wonderful semester!

                      • reply suzanne ,

                        wow, i love your work Aneliz! it’s amazing!
                        and anyway, who needs a prince….

                        • reply roselyne ,

                          bravo,pour ce travail splendide et pour cette mise à l’honneur bien méritée!continues de faire briller nos yeux de tes merveilles!

                          • reply Susan ,

                            I love the idea and the execution is beautiful. I’m wondering if the shoes are intended to be worn? If so, does the method of applying the poly clay make it flexible enough to withstand walking? I’m only curious, since I don’t plan on trying this myself.

                            • reply Patrice Pfeiffer ,

                              These are absolutely gorgeous!

                              • reply Sarah Pennington of Hip Earth Designs ,

                                Of all the things to do and cover with our fun little polymer clay- I NEVER would have thought of this! So impressive!!!

                                • reply Sera ,

                                  Did she bake those beautiful shoes??!

                                  • reply Mary Fassler ,

                                    Judy and Maria,
                                    Enjoy your travels together and may each of you have a wonderful time so far away from home!

                                    • reply Meisha ,

                                      Happy travels Maria and Judy. Interior design is one of my passions. I hope you find lots of inspiration in the Czech Republic. I just returned from Prague, and would love to go back. Judy…you’re becoming quite the world traveler. Jealous much??? YES I am. Hugs…..

                                      • reply cristalline ,

                                        La première était déjà une réusite, celle-ci est superbe ! Excellent choix pour le motif et les couleurs, et quel travail ! Voici une mise à l’honneur bien méritée et c’est toujours un plaisir de retrouver une polymériste française à la une sur ce site ;-). Bravo Aneliz. Sophie

                                        • reply Denise Miller ,

                                          I’m dying to know what super strong adhesive she used to keep everything attached.

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