We’ve rearranged the furniture on PCD and streamlined a bit. If your favorite section is missing, poke around, it’s probably still there. Let me know if something won’t work…I may have mangled a bit of code in the move. It’s a work in progress and all comments are welcome. Thanks to my dear daughter for her help.

Fixed the email and RSS feeds, tweaked lots details. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  • reply Susannah ,

    I am missing the scroll bar you had at the top where I could view your archives. I can’t seem to locate it.

    • reply Kay ,

      Honestly, I liked it the way it was. Hard to please everyone, isn’t it?

      • reply Cynthia ,

        Sussanah – It’s way down low on the left. I’ll move it up. Thanks


        • reply VAharoni ,

          Hi Cindy,
          Looks like a similar template to the one I am using.
          For your Flickr pictures you may want to consider a different format. In Flickr labs there are ways to get a smaller footprint, thereby using less of your precious ‘real estate’.
          You’ve also gone monochromatic! Interesting Joice and the first thing I noticed over the weekend. That bit of green (I only see it in the roll overs) I miss.
          Everything new takes a bit of ‘getting accustomed to’ as we age…


          • reply Susannah ,

            thank you! and I like your new layout. I am sorry that I forgot to compliment you earlier.

            • reply Corinne ,

              dear Cynthia,
              while i find myself initially in favor of your site overhaul i do have one bugaboo: the links are darned near invisible to my forty-something eyes! i’m squinting and squinting at anything in pale blue/turquoise and praying that you’ll decide to give us a break and shake things up a bit with some *emphathis* vs. the palid palette i’m experiencing now.

              aside from that it’s marvelous to see you in action, as always. i spent most of July comatose in hospital and have only just recovered at home enough to start peaking at all that i’ve missed. -funny thing is that when i was asked what i missed most about being away from home i replied “my cat Zachary and PolymerClayDaily. you’re my homepage now and always!


              • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                Corinne – My daughter’s eyes are quite young. I agree with you and we’ll work on that. Thanks for the suggestion and what a lovely compliment.

                Get well.


              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                Looks fine to me, although I had no complaints about the old format, either. However at the moment, at least, the Flicker pix at the left are all jaggies for me — like little eye-straining mosaics! (Maybe it’s my browser or something??) If that were fixed, my poor head would thank you! (But thanks in general for all your hard work on the site — it’s one place I go every day!)

                • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                  Sherry – Bless you. The Flickr pix didn’t show up that way on my screen so I came to our wonderful library to have a look on a PC. Ewwww….the pictures are jaggy (until you click on them). You are right. I think I fixed it!


                  • reply Pam ,

                    I think the site looks great, nice and clean.

                    • reply das blaue mädchen ,

                      dear Cynthia, first i wanna thank you for sharing all these nice inspirations with us every day… even if i can pick every little change between old and new layout: the old one fitted into my 1024er browser. no, it’s not an old machine, it’s a laptop. so i don’t know if that is your intention?
                      cg – the blue girl

                      • reply Ellen ,

                        I always enjoy the site no matter how it is adjusted. I do, however, miss the artist, supplier, etc. page a lot. Thanks so much for the hard work and the effort you constantly put forth for the polymer clay community.

                        • reply Ellen ,

                          Oops … found them! Thanks again.

                          • reply sil ,

                            I’ve enjoyed browsing this site for sometime and wonder how you put this together on a daily basis . . . the new design is cleaner looking, but I honestly found the previous design easier to navigate. Perhaps it’s about adjusting, but then I have found that, with age, I’m more inclined to agree with the old adage of “if it ain’t broke . . . ” ~ Anyway, thanks for putting the time into showcasing so many wonderful polymer works.

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