Lam’s recent work

Loretta Lam’s recent work was featured on the Halstead Jewelry site a few days ago. When I saw her work, I instantly breathed a deep sigh. How is it that a necklace can calm you down?

Loretta’s colors and shapes are soothing. No wild techniques or fancy footwork but colors and shapes in a combination that feels authentic and comforting.

Between repairing blog code (thanks for your suggestions) and preparing for a trip to Colorado, I needed some calming.

Skinner submissions

Sarajane Helm has a bit more explanation of the book that she and Judith Skinner are publishing and they’re looking for submissions from you. Here’s the lowdown.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    Loretta is a wise, nurturing teacher with a bubbly little giggle, and doesn’t it seem like this necklace has the wisdom AND the giggle all emanating from the clay? Come to think of it, you can say that for all her other work too. I love that her work evolves, so every time she updates her site with new work I’m captivated and enchanted. Thanks!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Agreed all around on Loretta’s work. She has color and form down in aces! And I agree with Ronna (as I often do) that it is always a joy to see an artist’s work evolve… Brava to Loretta! Keep up the terrific work!

      Oh, and concerning Sarajane Helm, she also has two (count ’em, TWO!) new book coming out in 2010: “Making Faces, Molds & Forms” and “The Art of Polymer Clay Masks”. I can’t wait to see them!!! And now she and Judith Skinner are doing ANOTHER book? Where does she find the time and energy?!

      Oh, my… I shall have to change my “new book” line item in my 2010 budget.

      • reply Loretta ,

        ooh- what a pleasant surprise. Thanks Cynthia for picking this up and for the nice comments thanks to you all.
        This piece was simply “born” out of a great new palette of colors I call The Spice Collection. I felt we needed more vibrant colors in this downer of a year. It’s called “Come Dancin’ ” for those of you who remember the old Kinks song – it went around and around in my brain as I built this necklace! Just the thing for summertime fun.
        thanks again

        • reply Amy Crawley ,

          Congratulations Loretta! What a nice surprise to see your necklace featured her on PCD. It looks lovely.


          • reply Jeannie ,

            WHen you can stir that kind of emotion in someone with your art, you can truly call yourself an artist. The design and colors are amazing.

            • reply Lynda Dunham-Watkins ,

              That is truly beautiful! Very, very nice.

              • reply Sera ,

                Loretta Lam’s meticulous finishing is what plays a huge part in the beauty and serenity of her work. Each bead looks like it has been lovingly ‘attended to’ – from its inception to its stringing.

                • reply Robin ,

                  Beautiful work, Loretta! Your color sense is sophisticated and unusual, it’s obvious that you’ve done the work it takes to put it together. And to find such a palette on those lovely bead forms—whimsical and classic all at the same time—is serendipity.

                  • reply Lam’s nominees ,

                    […] Loretta Lam. Her finalists are Come Dancin’ in the polymer category (hey, we talked about that piece in August) and Hanging Basket (pictured here) in the fashion jewelry […]

                    • reply Lam’s nominees | Metal Clay ,

                      […] Lam. Her finalists have been Come Dancin’ in the polymer difficulty (hey, we talked about that square in August) and Hanging Basket (pictured here) in the conform valuables […]

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