Sculpting Color exhibit opens

Kathleen Dustin reports that this weekend’s opening reception for Sculpting Color: Works in Polymer Clay at the Fuller Craft Museum drew the second-largest crowd the museum has ever had. “I am thrilled at how nice the show looks, and how well it is being received. This is a large step forward for the medium of polymer clay as an expression of fine art,” she says.

Kathleen curated the show and added a few tantalizing snapshots to her Facebook page. I’m sure we’ll soon be seeing more. A few of them are posted below for those of you who haven’t taken the Facebook plunge. The teapots above are by Rebecca Zimmerman.

The opening festivities included a panel discussion with Kathleen, Bonnie Bishoff, Jeff Dever, Elise Winter, and Grant Diffendaffer. A synopsis of the discussion will be published on PolymerArtArchive.

The exhibit continues until November 22 at the Brockton, MA museum.

Kathleen Dustin and her 4’x3′ Nature Fix, Jeff Dever’s flowing forms, Grant Diffendaffer and his rayguns, Bonnie Bishoff’s Meander Credenza.
  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh how I wish I could have been at that opening! But a visit to see the works of some of my most-ever-favoritest pc artists is definitely on my To Do list. Bravo to all of you, and a special “Brava!” to Kathleen, for such terrific work and for putting another notch in Polymer Clay’s belt.

    And Cynthia, I love what you’ve done to the place! Pass the compliment to your clever daughter too! Well done! 🙂

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Cynthia, love the new look. It’s so Feng Shui! Tell your daughter, kudo’s

      I wish I could have been at the opening also. I hate to travel and I miss out on so much.
      That credenza blow my mind. WOWie WOW!

      • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

        Go forth and multiply!

        In other words … Kathleen Dustin has done so much on so many levels to take the medium of polymer clay into the realm of museum-quality art. Now that the Fuller has jumped in with both feet, polymer clay enthusiasts and artists all over the world can approach their local art and craft galleries and museums and say “See? This is what a polymer clay exhibit looks like. Now it’s your turn … How can I help you?”

        Thanks to Kathleen and the other artists in the exhibit for the inspiration.

        • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

          I wish one could see the exhibits online, so the medium gets a worldwide exposure. Living downunder I am somehow left to imagine the wonderful opportunity. Could someone post them online please once it’s convenient and no longer interferes with the exhibition. The works posted here are soooooo inspiring. There’s not a day I don’t log onto PCD to look at works for inspiration and a lift of spirits.

          • reply Kylee (Lunes Bijoux) ,

            What stunning inspirational work. I love the flowing forms! Mmm now could I do such an exhibition here in France? Would love to!
            Thank you as always for sharing!

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