Network connection is unreliable for the next few days. Road blocks are preventing repairs… something to do with an overturned hot asphalt truck in the Poudre River. I may not be able to post regularly until next week.

Back in business….thanks for all your kind words and to Loretta Lam for pinch-hitting with a great link to Pam Sanders! Looks like the truck’s out of the water and the electrons are flowing again.

  • reply Susannah ,

    Don’t panic! We all still be here when you are able to get back. In the mean time do something for yourself and something new to you. My concierge invited me to cut all the French Lavender I want from our courtyard yesterday as the gardeners will be here on Thursday to prepare the garden for winter. As of this minute, the garden is bare and my house reeks of glorious lavender. Plan? I am building receptacles to hold the flowers from polymer clay and each woman in my family will receive and unexpected perfumed and refillable gift come this Christmas. Much better than a scarf, wouldn’t you say?

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      Will miss the daily eye candy, but totally understand.

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        I didn’t realize how much I’ve come to count on my morning gaze at all things polymer. It’s such a habit: turn on the bath water, tune in to polymer clay daily. Be back soon!

        • reply ann dillon ,

          Hi, Cynthia,
          We’ll miss you, but things happen! We just had a storm that did major damage to some of the roads around here… A couple of miles away, an entire section was reduced to rubble. Lucky we hadn’t planned to go in that direction that day!
          I agree with Susannah and Liz… Do something wonderful for YOU! We’ll be there when you get back!

          • reply Maia ,

            I’m completely amazed at all that you are able to post on a daily basis!! There’s plenty to still see just looking back at old posts.

            • reply carrie ,

              Oh No…..what will I do when I am drinking my morning coffee…..I love this blog!

              • reply Kimberly Arden ,

                I hate asphalt trucks!

                • reply Loretta ,

                  No need to feel pressure Cynthia. Maybe we can contribute…for instance here’s a new artist (to me at least) I found while surfing last night. Interesting use of polymer and wire.

                  • reply Diana ,

                    Wow, that sounds very close to where we spend two weeks every summer. Hope they can get it cleaned up soon.. hang in there. We’ll be here whenever you get back to business, no worries on this end.

                    • reply carissa ,

                      For as much as you give us daily, please don’t fret. enjoy your time away and know we will be happy when you return!

                      • reply Sherilyn ,

                        Oh, poor you and poor Poudre! Hope they get it cleaned up completely and quickly!

                        • reply jana ,

                          Loretta…thanks for that link. It’s always a treat to see ‘outta the box’ stuff..

                          • reply Judith Burke ,

                            AAAcckkk!! My clay fix!! Here’s hoping they hurry up those repairs. Judith.

                            • reply Sera ,

                              Wooo Loretta – great find!

                              I love the “ancient bird neck”.

                              Cynthia: Hot Asphalt in the river? Ick…! Don’t drink the water…

                              Smiles, S.

                              • reply Pam ,

                                Wow. thanks Loretta for the shout out. I have been a fan of yours for a couple of years.

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