Carlson faces teaching

Storyteller Maureen Carlson is preparing these polymer clay pendant samples (see more here, here and here) for her classes at Clay Carnival in November. She’ll be also be teaching at Cabin Fever next February.

These evocative pieces, all made with white clay, wear masks that reveal their alter egos…and make them doubly interesting.

In addition to her character face molds, Maureen’s developing a new line of smaller, less dimensional face molds designed specifically for jewelry use.

Find out more about Maureen, her center, and her classes here.

  • reply Scott ,

    Masks and alter egos, how fun is that! Great idea Maureen!

    • reply Barb Kobe ,

      I’ve seen these in person and they are fabulous and fun to make!!!

      • reply Jeannie ,

        I don’t even know how to form words about this until I can wrap my head around them. WOW

        • reply Christine Harris ,

          The featured sculpture is wonderful! Your use of color and shape is so appealing as well as your space divisions. I love it!

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