Prophater’s pop cans

Shapes cut from soda cans and covered with polymer clay are the trick behind this playful necklace from Laurie Prophater. The telephone wire used to secure the beads to rubber cord complete this reuse, recycle design.

A complete how-to of Laurie’s process appears in the autumn issue of Belle Armoire jewelry magazine. Laurie’s working on more variations using this technique that you can see on her Flickr site.

Vacation update

Thanks for your help. The network has been repaired. Here’s a picture of Maureen Carlson’s early morning introduction to a magnificent moose in our backyard.

  • reply Libby Mills ,

    I have one of Laurie’s wonderful necklaces, and it’s so fun and so comfortable to wear. I love it!

    • reply Marty Woosley ,

      Cynthia, I am in withdrawal not being up there with you guys this week. I know you are enjoying a great time and hopefully I can be there next year.
      I miss the Moose but tell Maueen thanks from me for sending a pic. What fun it is to spy one up close and personal.

      Laurie’s necklace is great. So is she and I know you all are enjoying the fun. Recycle, Recycle! I guess I should go to the bin and pull out some cans to work with. Have a great time!

      • reply david ,

        Fun and Funky!!

        • reply Pat Lacy ,

          Thanks to Laurie for sharing the instructions for making this lovely necklace. I can’t wait to make one for myself.

          • reply Sandra ,

            The tropical sauce necklace is full of color .

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