Polymer pistachios

Scotland’s Jacky Mullen has closed her Etsy shop temporarily to look after an actual new baby. While she’s busy, we can still rifle through her past sales and her tumblr site to admire her polymer babies, fairies, mermaids and caterpillars.

This “Handful of Pistachios” is both enchanting and silly as baby faces burst sleepily out of their shells.¬†Her busy bee will certainly be a Monday favorite. We’ll all be cheering for Jacky’s return.¬†Thanks to Lindly Haunani for the link.

  • reply rmkdesign ,

    AHHHHH!!!! love! what a great image to start the morning.

    • reply Annie Pennington ,

      Love these! I’ll have to keep an eye on her Etsy site. Thanks for sharing!

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