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Sand-filled scrap polymer

UK’s Claire Wallis-Dovey joined the pinch pot challenge over at the Facebook Polymer Clay Success group with this marbled entry. She used scrap Kato clay to create her bowl shape. She gently folded the bowl’s excess clay over to form the top surface and left the pot opening raw to add to its rugged look. […] Read more

Polymer flattery

The UK’s Claire Wallis builds a cane pattern, backs it with white and shapes it into an imitation cone shell. A bit of weathering with paint and sand paper completes the effect. Claire loves to simulate nature. PCD has featured her water cane, her faux agate, her polymer knitting and now shells. Mother Nature must be […] Read more

Imitating agate

The UK’s Claire Wallis intrigues us with another smoothly blended cane. This time her cane layers imitate a blue lace agate geode. Made into a small brooch, it cradles a small pocket of crystals in its heart. Claire’s recent Water and Lightning canes were recently explained in a tutorial offered on CraftArtEdu. She shares her inspirations on Pinterest […] Read more

Polymer from the pool

Claire Wallis’ water cane will make you want to dive into your studio this week. Her watery blue polymer canes could have been skimmed right off the surface of the pool. Collectors can wear the beach around their necks. A group of us tried Claire’s striped cane tutorial that appeared in the November issue of ArtJewelry magazine. Wouldn’t you […] Read more

Polymer skeptics

Really? Simply offsetting a Skinner blend could result in this? Our little group couldn’t quite believe Claire Wallis’ tutorial in the latest issue of ArtJewelry magazine (it’s a particularly good issue for polymer folks). We had to try it. One person read the instructions while the rest of us followed along with clay. And yes, we all […] Read more

Polymer crystals

The UK’s Claire Wallis used translucent and metallic clays plus paint as she experimented with her imitative rock crystal ring. She plans to tweak and explore what she’s discovered and we’ll plan to watch! This new work is a departure from the large and intricate complex canes that she demos on Facebook. She shows more […] Read more

Nailed it

The bangle at the right could have been clipped out of a Paul Klee painting. France’s Agnes (Primatoide) calls it her Ancient Assyrian Ceramic Cuff which is made of polymer, inks and paint. But I bet Paul Klee didn’t make nail art to match his paintings! Agnes takes her nail art seriously and moves it […] Read more

Polymer thief

  Jewel Thief challenged Claire Wallis to work with a large cane. She’d wanted to create a magpie for some time and this one ended up as a tree ornament. The cane is subtly shaded and the diamond was made using these instructions from Tranchedecane. See more of Claire’s work on her Deviant site, on […] Read more

Polymer swallows

This beautiful swallow cane from the UK’s Claire Wallis illustrates a problem she’s working to solve. “I really struggle with translucent clays,” Claire explains adding that, “I find it very hard to slice the cane thin enough so that the translucent is clear not opaque. Plus I find layering the cane slice distorts it somewhat.” […] Read more

Press-on polymer nails

Claire Wallis‘ polymer nail veneers provide a clever solution to those who aren’t adept at nail decor. She bakes thin shaped slices on curved foil forms and glues the baked slices onto press-on nails. “I wanted to create polymer clay fake nails but in order to be strong enough they ended up too thick so […] Read more