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The UK’s Claire Wallis intrigues us with another smoothly blended cane. This time her cane layers imitate a blue lace agate geode. Made into a small brooch, it cradles a small pocket of crystals in its heart.

Claire’s recent Water and Lightning canes were recently explained in a tutorial offered on CraftArtEdu. She shares her inspirations on Pinterest and more photos on Flickr.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    I saw this yesterday and was completely blown away–brava, Claire! Beautifully do

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      • reply Krithika ,

        This is the closest thing to real agate that I’ve seen! Wonderful effect!

        • reply Chris Owens ,

          Very cool! I think these are called “Geodes” … emerald, amethyst, etc. – a hollow stone, plain on the outside, crystals on the inside. Fascinating possibilities.

          • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

            Fantastic Claire, simply beautiful 🙂

            • reply Judy Meacham ,

              I’m hoping to see this on CraftArtEdu soon!!!!

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                • reply Bev Bullard ,

                  Hello, I need some information on adding glitter to polymer clay. I make Christmas ornaments so my palet is larger than beads. I don’t want the glitter to come off on my hands. Does anyone have any help

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