Polymer from the pool

Wallis on PCDaily

Claire Wallis’ water cane will make you want to dive into your studio this week. Her watery blue polymer canes could have been skimmed right off the surface of the pool. Collectors can wear the beach around their necks.

A group of us tried Claire’s striped cane tutorial that appeared in the November issue of ArtJewelry magazine. Wouldn’t you like to test this one? Maybe we can get Claire to write it up in time for summer. 

Wallis on PCDaily

Claire is perhaps most well known for her face and animal canes. Here she is on FlickrEtsy, Facebook, Pinterest and on CraftArtEdu.

  • reply DelphineR2M ,

    wow! it’s really beautiful, like water… love it!

    • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

      Oh wow, that’s LOVELY. Second the motion for a how-to.

      • reply Melody ,

        Totally gorgeous. That looks so much like water. Good job Claire! ^-^

        • reply MythicalQueen ,

          Would Love a how to

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