Wallis tutorial samples on PCDaily

Really? Simply offsetting a Skinner blend could result in this? Our little group couldn’t quite believe Claire Wallis’ tutorial in the latest issue of ArtJewelry magazine (it’s a particularly good issue for polymer folks). We had to try it. One person read the instructions while the rest of us followed along with clay. And yes, we all sort of screwed up the first time but that didn’t stop us.

Doroshow on PCDaily

Here’s Meisha Barbee’s (red) sample, plus mine (blue), Dayle Doroshow’s (bottom left) and Julie Eakes (bottom right).

We proved  that Claire Wallis was correct. Once we got it, we could not leave the concept alone and you’ll see Dayle’s results at the right and Meisha’s earrings here.

  • reply dayle doroshow ,

    It was fun and especially fun to do it with such lovelt artists and friends

  • reply Laetitia Veremme ,

    Beautiful ! Skinner blend continuing to surprise us 🙂

    • reply Misha ,

      These are so gorgeous. Do you know if you can buy a single digital copy of ArtJewelry mag? Their website just has me going round in circles and keeps wanting me to subscribe

    • reply Big piles of scrap | Dayle Doroshow ,

      […] experiments were featured on Polymer Clay Daily-Thank you […]

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