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Ending the year with a gem

Celine Charuau (grisbleu) admits that her latest brooch reminds her of Totoro, a character in a popular 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film. Her micro mosaic and silver piece has already prompted lots of enthusiastic comments on Facebook. The tactile shape and delicate petals continue earlier design directions. The mosaic is a new feature that fits nicely […] Read more

Polymer for gardeners

The spiky red petals on this polymer and silver Saxifraga become dramatic post earrings from France’s Celine Charuau (GrisBleu). She continues her garden interpretation with a few more blossoms protruding from two flat white polymer disks that she joins as a pendant. Celine includes Octotilla, Erythrina, Snow Flowers and other unusual species in this year’s garden […] Read more

Sleek spare looks

One more look at the sleek, scratched, sgraffito pieces that take an engineered, minimalist turn. They give us our last bit of winter’s gray and they’re both from France. Sonya Girodon’s flat resin Wildfang bangle is embedded with horsehair and accented with two slotted polymer beads that slide on adding more shapes and a touch of bright yellow. The horsehair […] Read more

Keep calm and go 3D

Celine Charuau’s Empty Flower has a chiseled freshness that’s both organic and sculptural. It’s part of this French artist’s promotion for her Organic Forms 3D workshop at the September 11-13 Staedtler Symposium in France. Need more calming influences? Browse her whole series of petal groups on Flickr and keep up with her on Facebook as […] Read more

Featherweight polymer

France’s Celine Charuau created this dramatic bunch of black petals on a delicate chain using polymer and sterling wire. The piece might have ended up heavy and dark in other hands but Celine has a way with wire and polymer that allows her to blend them into lightweight constructions. Celine will be teaching her Plumes […] Read more

Polymer plume

France’s Celine Charuau (GrisBleu) starts our week with her another of her sinuous, alien polymer and silver constructions. This one is called Fleur plume rouillée which translates to Rusted feather flower. The perspective shown here zooms in to study the polymer. You may be surprised to see the actual size of the pendant and how […] Read more

Using cutters

Celine Charuau’s polymer Cathedral Flower brooch is very understated for the usually flamboyant Gris Bleu. The stepped, layered, dimensional cutouts immediately put the viewer in mind of a cathedral window. Delicate, simple and amazing! On closer inspection, you can see how Celine used simple graduated cutters to achieve this brilliant effect. Then take a look at […] Read more

Charuau’s polymer galaxy

Céline Charuau’s new polymer “Beetles” cabochons with oxidized silver settings have a cross-century Mad Max look inspired by the work of jeweler Joanna Gollberg. It’s refreshing when artists name their sources and even better when one medium affects another and moves it in a new direction. Celine combines organic forms with metal in unusual ways. […] Read more

Paths to color

Belgium’s Nicole (NiQui) brings us chunks of color to jolt us into a new week. Germany’s Margit Bohmer starts us off with a graphic polymer necklace dotted in primary colors that she says is an easy one to make. France’s Céline Charuau (GrisBleu) startles us with a bright polymer and metal poppy. There’s no escaping […] Read more

Polymer with a light touch

I’m feeling clumsy and in a rush. Polymer clay works that exude a light touch and a delicate sensibility inspire me and calm me down. The bracelet is from Enkhene Tserenbadam from Switzerland. Offsetting the comfortable textured shapes makes them more touchable. The oversized jump rings on her new necklaces add an element of surprise. […] Read more