Polymer with a light touch

I’m feeling clumsy and in a rush. Polymer clay works that exude a light touch and a delicate sensibility inspire me and calm me down.

The bracelet is from Enkhene Tserenbadam from Switzerland. Offsetting the comfortable textured shapes makes them more touchable. The oversized jump rings on her new necklaces add an element of surprise.

The glowing hollow translucent bead is from France’s Céline Charuau (GrisBleu). She has a little tutorial on her site that shows you how she assembles beauties like these.

Austria’s Eva Ehmeier (Hoedlgut) shows her refined elegant Black Meadow Necklace on her Flickr site. Ok, breathe deeply. Back to the studio.

  • reply Bettina ,

    Wow, I love the bracelet. Ok, I love all of this. I admire Céline’s and Eva’s work for a long time now. They really deserve it to be featured. Oh, and by the wa – Eva is from Austria but member of the german guild;)

    • reply Jeannie ,

      I love Enkhene’s black cutout pendants and Celine’s work is so refreshing and light. The talent I find here on PCD is so inspiring and most of the time beyond my skill, but I like the thought of so many talented polymer clay artists out there.

      • reply Enkhe ,

        Thank you very much for featuring my work (second time)! It means so much to me!

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          These are all my favorite artists—enkhe has done the most amzing vessels. and I was comepletely blown away by Grisbleau’s anemone pendant; thye are alll staggeringly talented.

          • reply Marci Christensen ,

            Such truly beautiful pieces from all three very talented artists. Thank-you Cynthia for bringing us these delights.
            I have a question after visiting Enkhe’s site and seeing her absolutely gorgeous inro! I love them and realise their part in Japanese traditional dress but want to know if and how these pieces are worn by today’s woman?
            Do you have any pictures of polymer clay inro being worn? I would love to see that.

            • reply Enkhe ,

              Thank you for nice comments!
              My vessels are worn like necklaces. By now I don’t have any photos of they being worn. But you make me think about it!
              Now I have to find a beautiful model! :)))))

              • reply Marci Christensen ,

                Your inro vessels would look great and make any model look beautiful!

                From the very first time I saw a picture of these exquisite wearable vessels I have been captivated. Any chance of you doing a special presentation of PC inro from a variety of artists? That would make my heart sing.
                Thank you so much for PC Daily. I can’t go to bed at night without taking a peek.

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