Bohmer's easy dot necklace
Niqui's chunk necklace

Belgium’s Nicole (NiQui) brings us chunks of color to jolt us into a new week.

Germany’s Margit Bohmer starts us off with a graphic polymer necklace dotted in primary colors that she says is an easy one to make.

France’s Céline Charuau (GrisBleu) startles us with a bright polymer and metal poppy.

Charuau's poppy pendant

There’s no escaping color this week even if the snow is all around us. Thumb through these three artists’ sites and you’ll how they share a love of color and take three very different approaches to making it part of their designs.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Pop of color is just what I need this cold, snowy Monday morning.
    I love Nicole’s black and white bracelet and Margit’s graphic, colorful designs got me spinning. Oh my, Celine’s winter beads are beautifully amazing.

    • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

      Stunning work! From bright graphic colors to beautiful colors of life!

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Beautiful work all! Just when I think European pc artists have reached their apex of exploration, they come up with something new. I say, keep it coming!!

        Je suis émue par le travail Céline Charuau’s. Elle est un maître artisan, et ses créatures sont magnifiques! Brava, Céline. (Pouvez-vous dis-je utiliser Google Translate pour écrire cela? Heeheee!)

        • reply Melinda Hayes ,

          what happy makers!

          • reply Susan O'Neill ,

            Not just the colors, but the SHAPES! Tres innovative!

            • reply Nicole ,

              Thank you Cynthia and you all for the kind comments!

              • reply Gaina ,

                Lovely! I’ve been playing around with different coloured embossing powders and super sculpey today, great fun 😀

                • reply Christina ,

                  Very innovative shapes and I love the color! The poppy is especially interesting. A nice end to a dull day.

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