Keep calm and go 3D

Charuau on PCDaily

Celine Charuau’s Empty Flower has a chiseled freshness that’s both organic and sculptural. It’s part of this French artist’s promotion for her Organic Forms 3D workshop at the September 11-13 Staedtler Symposium in France.

Need more calming influences? Browse her whole series of petal groups on Flickr and keep up with her on Facebook as well.

Calm and lucky

Five winners will be chosen every week in September by Staedtler, makers of Fimo. They’ll each receive 200 Euros (that’s $262.60 dollars). To be eligible, enter online on the Staedtler Facebook page.

  • reply Donna Greenberg ,

    This gorgeous contemporary piece is anything but empty! It’s filled with intriguing little facets that catch the light and cast wonderful shadows. Calm and explosive at the same time. Sounds like a great workshop!

    • reply Gerlinde Karg ,

      It will be definitely a great workshop! We will have all – the excitement with FIMO and new techniques, great teachers and an inspiring atmosphere of the baroque surroundings of the Castle – and of course much fun especially at the evening banquet in the ball room 😉

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        The link to the Staedtler page takes you to Pinterest?

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