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Gold rush

Pennsylvania’s Staci Louise Smith created these latest crackled, rustic beads in a big hurry when she was asked to prepare an online course for CraftArtEdu. Rather than carefully consider all that might be required, Staci said yes and jumped in. The result is gold…in a rush. Gold Rush! She talks about her leap-before-you-look experience on the […] Read more

Cellular winner

Maryland’s Eugena Topina unveiled her Openwork tutorial back in October (here’s the PCD post).  Now her cellular-like designs are winning prizes. Her Openwork Necklace (the white one at right) won top prize in the polymer category at Bead Dreams 2015. Staci Louise Smith picked up the other two top prizes which you can see on […] Read more

Almost edible polymer

This is one of Lindly Haunani’s sample bracelets for a July master class which is aptly named Incredible Almost Edible Color.  The curved tube smoothly fits the back of the wrist with the bouquet of folded petals and leaves stretching across the front. Designed like a wrist corsage, I’m betting that this is comfortable to […] Read more

Polymer cigars

Staci Louise Smith hints that this dramatic new piece may be her Bead Dreams contest entry. These long pointed cigar shaped polymer beads are playfully carved and colored. Their marks, lines, cracks and curves seem to contain a message from some cyber tribe. The brass spacers are cured to gently separate the spiny shapes. Now […] Read more

Cheers! Holiday polymer

Traditionally Staci Louise Smith makes small gifts for lots of friends and family at Christmas. This year, after three days playing in the studio, she had gifts and a new line of polymer wine stoppers. These will definitely be added to next year’s show inventory she says. Of course, wine stoppers aren’t just for Christmas, […] Read more

Weathered facets

These Weathered Polymer Bicones from Germany’s Margit Bohmer are faceted then colored in a way that makes them look like stained glass. The colored facets are a new twist in Margit’s signature rainbow palette. She’s also added the weathering that she learned in a Staci Louise tutorial. More and more we see techniques mutating across boundaries. […] Read more

Winning doodles

This carved flat polymer disk necklace from Staci Louise Smith is part of her winning entries in this year’s Bead Dreams contest at the Bead and Button show. Zen Circles took second place in the polymer category. Staci’s carved and weathered polymer bead necklace, Sea Swept, took first place in the category. PCD has followed […] Read more

Doodled polymer

Pennsylvania’s Staci Louise Smith doodled on white polymer after she was inspired by a favorite painter’s new work. Her doodle beads made her feel better about not buying the painting. When you visit Staci’s studio you will see how doodling is deeply embedded in her art brain. It may make you consider painting your floor! […] Read more

Taking heart

We’re nearing the end of January and must start collecting our hearts for V Day! Let’s begin with Staci Louise Smith who likes her hearts pierced, stamped, cracked and colored with inks. Through all the battering, her pieces maintain a well worn and upbeat feeling. Staci sold out of this heart but she’s uploaded a new batch on […] Read more

Heart sampler

This sampling of hearts from your friends and online buddies was assembled for you PCD readers as a valentine. You’ll also see Ron Lehocky’s collection of favorite hearts made in his project’s nearly 10-year history. His total has reached 29,600. Now that’s true love! You can purchase hearts and help the KidsCenter by emailing Ron or contacting […] Read more