Maryland’s Eugena Topina unveiled her Openwork tutorial back in October (here’s the PCD post).  Now her cellular-like designs are winning prizes.

Her Openwork Necklace (the white one at right) won top prize in the polymer category at Bead Dreams 2015.

Staci Louise Smith picked up the other two top prizes which you can see on Bead & Button’s page (scroll down to the polymer category).

  • reply Sherry ,

    Those are beautiful and unusual — but the tutorial is 27 PAGES!!! I can’t even imagine how much work must be involved if the tutorial is that long!!! So I’m very impressed, but I’m not likely to try this!! (Too lazy!)

    • reply Eugena ,

      Sherry, it is not as scary as it looks, really. And the tutorial actually shows six different designs, hence its length. However, I have to admit that this technique is better suited for patient people – you are right about that!

    • reply Eugena ,

      Cynthia, thank you so much for writing about my winning necklace. I was wondering why my little etsy shop is so popular today 🙂

      • reply Sherry ,

        Eugena, I would probably enjoy the tutorial (or, better yet, demonstration!) but I think I will leave the intricate stuff like this to you and other painstaking people! Keep up the beautiful work! ;^)

        • reply Sabine ,

          Eugena, your pieces are absolutely amazing, Congratulations and well deserved!!! I have purchased the tutorial and not yet tackled the practical aspects. As I am familiar with the creation of such structures with metal clay. I din’t find it a daunting read. Underlying the beauty is a technique most of us use and I don’t think we should feel intimidated by the detail of the tute. Eugena’s classes are really well written and easy to follow.

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