This sampling of hearts from your friends and online buddies was assembled for you PCD readers as a valentine.

You’ll also see Ron Lehocky’s collection of favorite hearts made in his project’s nearly 10-year history. His total has reached 29,600. Now that’s true love! You can purchase hearts and help the KidsCenter by emailing Ron or contacting him on Facebook.

In case you missed his how-to video, watch here as Ron and his hands tell the story.

A caption is incorrect! The third pair of earrings are Louise Smith’s (Swanwalk), not StaciLouise. Got my Smiths mixed.

  • reply Klavdija ,

    Great collection!…happy Valentine day to you to Cynthia!

    • reply Christine Damm ,

      Love this video– thank you so much for including me! By the way, the third set of earrings, done in her distinctive ‘Swanwalk’ cane–should be attributed to Louise Smith, a talented artist from Charlottesville, VS.

      • reply Carrie Harvey ,

        What a treat! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s, Cynthia!

        • reply Corine ,


          • reply Ellen Aberegg ,

            Thank you! Happy Valentine’s right back!

            • reply Sandra ,

              Love them each one has there own personality .

              • reply Deb Hart ,


                • reply Deb Hart ,

                  Thank you for including me in such a fabulous collection!!!! I guess it’s time to make sure I have my old name (Deb Tuchsen) off of every site. =) I just celebrated by 3 year anniversary. lol

                  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

                    What a pleasure to see all these creations. Thanks.

                    • reply Anita ,

                      Beautiful Cynthia… thank you for sharing, everyday !! ?Happy Valentine’s Day? to you too..

                      • reply Ann Schroeder ,

                        Really lovely! Thanks for putting that together and showing us lovely polymer all year long!

                        • reply Angeli ,

                          Lovely video! Such a treat. Happy hearts day!

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