Cheers! Holiday polymer

Smith on PCDaily

Traditionally Staci Louise Smith makes small gifts for lots of friends and family at Christmas. This year, after three days playing in the studio, she had gifts and a new line of polymer wine stoppers.

These will definitely be added to next year’s show inventory she says. Of course, wine stoppers aren’t just for Christmas, in fact, these have a beach air about them.

Smith on PCDaily

Staci shares her method (and lots more pictures) on a blog post and on Facebook.

She joins the two elements by drilling a shallow hole in the top of the cork and the bottom of the bead. Then she inserts a 14g wire, joining bead and cork. She epoxys both ends of the wire.

The intense carving and soft shaping of these beads shows how much thought and effort she’s put into her small gifts. And sharing them with us is generous as well.┬áStaci’s friend, Karen McGovern, sent the link along to make sure we wouldn’t miss it.

  • reply Jenny D'Aoust ,

    Love these!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      This is so cool.
      I am having one of those slap my forehead why didn’t I think of this moments. Love ’em.

      • reply annie ,

        Very Nice idea.

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