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Wiggins embroiders with polymer

“I was taught to embroider at the age of five. I have been a detail freak ever since,” says Virginia polymer artist Angie Wiggins. Angie started in polymer in 1987 when she needed better beads to embellish her handmade paper and fiber bowls. The clay also satisifed her intense color needs. She’s added some new […] Read more

Wiggins mixes her media

No better way to start the week than with snappy, crisp, snazzy polymer clay designs from Angie Wiggins. Angie ventures into metal, fiber, glass and found objects but she can’t resist the lure of polymer. Polymer clay "solves my intense color needs," she admits. "I was taught to embroider at the age of five. I […] Read more

Table scraps

Virginia’s Angie Wiggins takes advantage of every scrap of silkscreened polymer at the end of the day. Sorted into colorways and backed with a layer of solid color clay for strength, the tiniest leftovers become useful and decorative napkin rings and coasters. You’ll be surprised at what polymer clay can become in the hands of […] Read more

Putting your own spin on swirls

Virginia’s Angie Wiggins gets lost in the swirl of a bead. She puts blends and cane scraps on a base bead and does a bit of rock and roll to make a swirled bicone bead. It’s hard to explain but fun to master. (See a video here.) Angie enjoys putting her own spin on this […] Read more

Sticking to a plan

Virginia’s Angie Wiggins starts every year with a palette of colors that she sticks to for 12 months. Ribbons of violet run through leftover Skinner blended circles that will become coasters. The colors are easy on the eyes and invite us to explore and enjoy the gradations. Angie sticks to her plan. There’s something comforting […] Read more

A touch of real

Hunting for something to pull me out of my funk. You too? Too much turmoil and trauma. Virginia’s Angie Wiggins and her funky earrings did the trick. She doesn’t put on airs or try to prove a point. Plus I love how her earrings hang over the rim of this down-home cup. Angie has chickens […] Read more

Polymer hoops

This earring design from Virginia’s Angie Wiggins is inspired! She loops a strip of polymer that’s decorated on both sides, anchoring the spiral with seed beads in companion colors. The ear wires will be added but you get the gist. They’re arty additions almost ready for a weekend of fun. Did someone say “Weekend of […] Read more

100 tiles tell the story

Angie Wiggins assembled the results of her 100-Day Challenge into one 40″ x 40″ tribute to tenacity. Her tiles cover a wide range of subject matter, styles, and techniques. Each one records her unmistakable¬†marks and colors. Now that you’ve seen the work of 100 days in its entirety, visit her Instagram¬†and Facebook to look at […] Read more

Making a difference with polymer

One of the extraordinary things about our medium is how and easy it is to make a statement, raise some funds or lend a hand. Angie Wiggins quickly created these Lone Star pins to raise funds for Texas storm victims. “I hope to have 20 Lone Star pins for the Virginia show on September 16. […] Read more

Polymer envy

When you can’t get into the studio, looking at what others are producing is especially inspiring. “Yes, that’s what I’d be doing if I had my taxes done,” I tell myself. Look at how Angie Wiggins layers silkscreens over a juicy blend of colors. But Angie can’t stop there. Her inner embroiderer has to add […] Read more