Angie Wiggins brings us back to reality with her down-home earrings on

Hunting for something to pull me out of my funk. You too? Too much turmoil and trauma.

Virginia’s Angie Wiggins and her funky earrings did the trick. She doesn’t put on airs or try to prove a point. Plus I love how her earrings hang over the rim of this down-home cup.

Angie has chickens running in the yard. She’s your girl if you need to get in touch with something consistently satisfying and real.

  • reply Pat Hart ,

    What a colour and design treasure trove, Cynthia. Just been feasting my eyes and getting motivated again. Thanks so much.

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      I have loved every pair of Angie’s earrings. Great colours and such a sense of fun!!

      • reply Litzi ,

        Thanks for this splash of color and pick me up-ness!

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