Wiggins embroiders with polymer

Wiggins flat bowl

“I was taught to embroider at the age of five. I have been a detail freak ever since,” says Virginia polymer artist Angie Wiggins.

Wiggins embroidered vessel

Angie started in polymer in 1987 when she needed better beads to embellish her handmade paper and fiber bowls. The clay also satisifed her intense color needs. She’s added some new eye-popping pieces to her gallery that you’ll want to oggle.

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  • reply Pippa Chandler ,

    Mouthwatering! Her platters are a feast for the eye and the senses – her colour combinations are wonderful!

    • reply Alenka ,

      Her gallery is amazing!Full of original designs and colors! I love it!

      • reply Anita ,

        Oh WOW. The colours, the attention to detail, the unique designs. Super special!

        • reply Sandi Sumner ,

          Fantastic designs and colors! Perfect eye for creating
          unique pieces.

          • reply Sherri ,

            These are just amazing! Her composition is wonderful share all reams of light in her work. I can almost see her Aura!

            • reply Adrine Avakian ,

              Mind blowing. Absolutely beautiful color work. Impressively unique. If I had 1/4 of her talent I would be flying high. Thx so much for bringing this to our attention.

              • reply Lisa Suver ,

                This is some of the most beautiful work I have ever seen! It makes me happy just to gaze at it all. This kind of detail really shows a woman doing what she loves and embracing her talents wholeheartedly. Bravo!

                • reply Jeannie ,

                  When I see this type of work I alway wonder the inspiration and thought process. WOW

                  • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

                    Fabulous color and detail! A true inspiration!

                    • reply byZarah.com ,

                      These are amazing! They look truly alive, “with soul” 🙂

                      • reply Donna Wold ,

                        I have seen another artist (and I don’t know his name) that was able to paint with clay like you do! He has long since retired. I absolutely love what you are able to do and only hope you could do a tutrial dvd or movie in the future. Stunning!

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