Putting your own spin on swirls

Angie Wiggins rides the swirl and makes it hers on PolymerClayDaily.com

Virginia’s Angie Wiggins gets lost in the swirl of a bead. She puts blends and cane scraps on a base bead and does a bit of rock and roll to make a swirled bicone bead. It’s hard to explain but fun to master. (See a video here.)

Angie enjoys putting her own spin on this pendant. Tiny dots in companion colors track the swirls. She has a background in embroidery and loves to add her signature surface embellishments. Now it’s definitely her swirl.

  • reply Joan Clipp ,

    No matter how many times I see or do the swirl, it’s like magic and so exciting!

    • reply carol routh ,

      This is fascinating! I wouldn’t have figured this out in a hundred years! I bet there’sa fin back story here. How did Angie come up with this idea? They’re beautiful!

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