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Drawn to translucent

Kathrin Neumaier taunts us with more of her tantalizing Pardo translucent creations. This time she shows thin color-blended petals gathered and suspended from earwires. Makes you think of projects to try for spring, doesn’t it? This hummingbird seems to be attracted to the flowers! It’s a big cane (2 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide) from […] Read more

Hair blossoms

Japan’s Chica3f gently offsets delicate translucent petals on a barrette finding to create a springlike hair accessory. She also offers them in spring tones. Like wearing cherry blossoms in your hair! She lets us take a peek at the translucent curved bar on which she floats the petals. StudioMojo will be full of surprising trends […] Read more

Polymer rainbow roses

Ann Duncan Hlavach knows her roses. The color tricks she learned in a recent class in Chicago with Lindly Haunani took her flowers to a new level. “I think my head may have exploded,” she says. Rainbow roses are a real phenomenon. Here’s a tutorial on how to tint a natural white rose. But I […] Read more

Too Hot for Clay

Cool off with some hot ideas from these jewelers in a variety of media. The link to New York's David Collection was sent to us by Ronna Weltman. It's chock full of fabulous ideas and terrific designs. You'll have to fan yourself as you look at artists like Ulrike Hamm. The material used in her […] Read more

Can’t Wait

Some folks already have their copy of this new Katherine Aimone book from Lark….and it's killing me. Amazon isn't shipping yet (though the ship date says June 7) and my order is languishing in the queue. Lark doesn't even show it on their site. Those who have advance copies say that it's the best thing […] Read more

Treasured bees

Minnesota’s Jennifer Patterson (QuiltedInClay) has been busy creating wares for her upcoming Duluth show. You’ll have to look more closely to get the full effect of the layers here. You’ll discover the translucent bee wings that show the petals below. Remarkable. Jennifer is famous for her extruded quilt patterns and disk sets. Here she veers […] Read more

Gelato polymer

Lindly Haunani opened a box of her new “Spring Gelato” tinted translucent beads ready for stringing and our mouths watered at their lusciousness. The edges of the canes were accented with embossing powders. The petals are gently pinched, and shaped. They’re drilled after baking. More on Facebook. Lindly works mise en place, creating all the components for her […] Read more

Pastel polymer

Dancing Flowers is an appropriate name for this bunch of polymer flowers by Zuzana Liptakova of Slovakia. She mixes delicately edged translucent petal cane slices with crystals, metal chain, beads and findings, draping them with style. To make them into earrings, Zuzana hangs small glitzy jewels on chain from the center of a circle of […] Read more