Polymer rainbow roses

Hlavach on PCDaily

Ann Duncan Hlavach knows her roses. The color tricks she learned in a recent class in Chicago with Lindly Haunani took her flowers to a new level. “I think my head may have exploded,” she says.

Rainbow roses are a real phenomenon. Here’s a tutorial on how to tint a natural white rose.

But I prefer Ann’s translucent petals with their contrast tinged edges and jewel centers. You can enjoy them for a whole lot longer. You’ll find more on Etsy, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    wow these are sensational – absolutely love them.

    • reply Susan Baim ,

      Ann, they’re gorgeous!

      • reply Mary Warren ,

        knocked my socks off

        • reply Silvana Bates ,

          The roses are absolutely stunning!

          • reply Ann Duncan Hlavach ,

            What an absolute thrill to see this post, Cynthia! Thank you for sharing. I was in my happy place the whole time I was working on these roses, and now my happy time has been extended!

            • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

              Oh how wonderful! What a fun idea. I love the edging on the petals…what a great contrast.

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                Anns work is a happy reflection of the woman herself…..always blooming and spreading joy. Go Ann!!!!!!

                • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                  Wonderful blends and very unusual, as well. These are stunning, Ann! And your malachite rose on Etsy is very lovely…malachite being one of my favorite stones, you have complimented Mother Nature very well. Congratulations on being featured one PCD!

                  • reply Feree ,

                    I love these roses, they are absuloty beautiful. Petals look very thin. What kind
                    Of polymer was used. Are they fragile or not?

                    • reply Ann Duncan Hlavach ,

                      Thank you all very much.
                      I use Premo. They are remarkably durable but not unbreakable.

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