Cool off with some hot ideas from these jewelers in a variety of media. The link to New York's David Collection was sent to us by Ronna Weltman. It's chock full of fabulous ideas and terrific designs.

You'll have to fan yourself as you look at artists like Ulrike Hamm. The material used in her bracelet (pictured here) isn't identified but could certainly be polymer. It reminds me of Sandra McCaw's new translucent petals. Check out Ulrike's web site too.

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    I checked the properties of the (above) bracelet photo. Went to Ulrike Hamm’s site, and she states, on her materials page (which is in German), that she’s working with “pergament.” That’s animal skin treated until it’s translucent (same thing some of our ancestors might have used over windows before they had glass…also the forerunner of paper).

    So, not polymer but amazing.

    Just came across your site yesterday, I’ve worked with Sculpey regular and III, now just recently started working with Sculpey Premo, which I find more durable.

    If someone were to make jewelry like Ulrike Hamm did, in polymer clay, I wonder what type/brand would be preferable. Looks so fragile/thin.

    • reply Jeannie Havel ,

      The translucent quality afforded through the Pergament process does indeed lend itself to polymer clay. There is a fascinating history of Pergament on Wikipedia that can be most easily found by typing ‘pergament’ into a Google search, locating the wikipedia link, then selecting ‘translate page’ before clicking on the link.

      Thanks for once again enriching our minds and imaginations.

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          What of Sculpey Ultra Light for art somewhat similar in flowery vein to Ulrike Hamm’s?

          Strong enough? Anyone worked with it?

          (Didn’t see Sculpey Ultra Light on the official sculpey site…did find it sold at

          • reply J Digby ,

            You do not need a translator to read Urlike’s website, look for the english logo on the bottom left hand cornor and her website will appear in English. The interesting thing is that her material is listed as parchment in the English version….

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