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Slight detour

PCDaily doesn’t often stray off topic but Meg Hannan’s fabric jewels are too close to our way of thinking to ignore. Picture millefiori using fabric, beads and glue instead of polymer. If you like to cane, your brain may overheat as you cruise through her beautiful photos and videos. And if you spend more time […] Read more

Polymer nidos

Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre makes bright colored “nidos” (which translates as┬ánests) out of polymer. Circles of blended colors connected with buna cord form web of rings. Polymer balls hook them together and secure the ends. The whole nest is so playful that it gets me thinking about how this construction could be used […] Read more

Friday shout outs

It’s Friday so I’ll give a shout out to several artists on my desk and let you decide which path you’d like to follow today: First there’s Sylvie Perrin, France’s QueenOfClay, who’s created a polymer clay illustration about our health care situation. If you haven’t looked at her site for a while, scroll through her […] Read more


They look like polymer clay rosebuds but on closer examination you’ll see that this is a tin covered with babies, a wish box, wanna-be-grandma’s hope chest that I created at Shrine Mont. What it seems to be filled with these days is my babyish whining about where the time goes. I’m off schedule today. Enjoy […] Read more


I’m skeptical about this post because I know little about doll artists and because I’m simply captivated by these polymer clay babies by Cynthia Malbon. Malbon sells resin versions of her works to a wider market and her name somehow always appears with Richard Simmons. I learned little about the artist herself and that makes […] Read more


I wish I knew who I bought this little angel ornament from at Winterfair a few years back. It's delightful and my attempts to replicate it were laughable. There's a tutorial on Robin LeDuc's site that makes the process look deceptively easy. Trust me, it's not but I am tempted to try again. Our young […] Read more

Heart melting

Just when I think I’ve plumbed the depths of the internet, when nothing looks particularly interesting to me. Just when I’ve become the most jaded, I get a tip from an artist (in this case Susan Lamb) who leads me to work that melts my heart. Camille Allen has a masterful touch with babies. If […] Read more