Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre makes bright colored “nidos” (which translates as nests) out of polymer. Circles of blended colors connected with buna cord form web of rings. Polymer balls hook them together and secure the ends.

The whole nest is so playful that it gets me thinking about how this construction could be used elsewhere. Wouldn’t this make a great mobile? Lately all ideas lead me back to babies. Did I introduce you to my grandson Oliver who got his name and his domain on the same day? Each time you refresh his page, you’ll get a new picture.

  • reply Cindy Matthews ,

    What a beautiful little boy! Congratulations – but …no photos of Grandma with the wee man?

    I can completely relate to the way one becomes fixated on all things “baby” when one becomes a grandparent. We now have two beautiful grandsons (ages 20 months and 3.5) and it seems every decision we make has got to be made in consideration of those small people, regardless that they live 3.5 hours away and are only here perhaps a dozen days a year. 🙂

    I agree, those “nidos” would make a terrific mobile.

    • reply Iris Mishly ,

      This is the days of the domains ha? a baby is born and ta-da… a domain is online! it’s so cool! i will remember that when i have another baby? or maybe not…

      he’s wonderful Cynthia! and thank you for the link 🙂

      • reply abracadabra ,

        So colorfull, i love !

        And congratulations for the cute little boy !!!

        • reply Silvia Ortiz de la Torre ,

          What can I say? I’m astounded for being here again, really happy 😀 ! A baby mobile? I had the same thinking as you, but not at the designing stage, only when I finished my necklace and I hung it around my neck: its free movement, soft shapes and fresh colors suggested me at that moment this idea. Congratulations for your grandson! I’m a mother of five and so I know that every new child at home is a reason of joy (and increasing mess, LOL). Thank you! Hugs!

          • reply Maureen Carlson ,

            Circles are a perfect theme and symbol to post on a day when awesome and wonderful Oliver is introduced. Thanks for sharing!

            • reply Marlene Brady ,

              Wow, how cute is he? Those expressions are priceless. Welcome to the world Oliver! And, of course, I love Silvia’s necklace. Her design is so unique.

              • reply Anita Brandon ,

                Silvia: Innovative and gorgeous! I love the design and the colors. It would be super as an accessory for a high fashion runway show featuring black clothing (or a prop focus for a modern dance piece). I bet it moves beautifully.

                Cynthia, Master Oliver is a cutie and I love the “Oliver Tashi” name. He certainly is an auspicious blessing……and with his own domain, yet.

                • reply Vickie Turner ,

                  Ohhhhhhh, Oliver is gorgeous! Congratulations!

                  • reply Scott Mizevitz ,

                    Big CONGRATULATIONS Cynthia, Oliver is beautiful!!

                    • reply Helen Langhorne ,

                      Focus changes when you become a grandparent, in a good way! He’s very cute. Congrats!!!

                      • reply Sera ,

                        That baby is just divine.

                        Congratulations on joining the granny club 😉

                        Get ready to spend countless dollars on all things baby!

                        • reply rose ,

                          love the picture of father and son gazing into each others eyes

                          • reply Arlene Schiek ,

                            sweet sweet sweet adorable baby boy. congratulations.

                            • reply JeannieK ,

                              I love Silvia’s necklace with all the colors and shapes. It reminds me of science class and atoms.

                              What a brillant idea; baby mobile. Congratulations Cynthia! Oliver is beautiful. It would be so grand to have a baby in the house again.

                              Maybe Camille can do a micro of him.

                              • reply tejae ,

                                Congratulations Cynthia…beautiful baby. (his looks are “where’s the milk lady?”) so cute!!

                                Silvia’s necklace is so bright and cheerful.

                                • reply jana ,

                                  Oliver is beautiful, as is his name – love it. The first thing I thought when seeing his picture was ‘oh, he has his Grandma’s big, wide set eyes!’ ..lucky kid, and lucky family…I can only imagine the fun you’ll have with him.

                                  • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

                                    He’s soooo cute, Cynthia!!!
                                    And in one of the photos he looks exactly like you!
                                    He has your eyes!

                                    • reply Fata Bislacca ,

                                      what beautiful colors and beautiful shapes! vitamin for the heart! Cathy

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