It’s Friday so I’ll give a shout out to several artists on my desk and let you decide which path you’d like to follow today:

First there’s Sylvie Perrin, France’s QueenOfClay, who’s created a polymer clay illustration about our health care situation. If you haven’t looked at her site for a while, scroll through her blog and see her recent work (including the Bouche Chante here).

Second, there’s Camille Allen, the queen of polymer babies, and her latest newsletter. You’ll marvel at her realism and her worldwide following. Her Facebook fan page shows pictures of her at the Dubai Doll Festival in July and her most recent offerings. And no, they’re not marzipan.

Third, are you following Dee Wilder’s latest lathe-turned polymer beads? She’s trying all sorts of techniques and it’s fun to look over her shoulder via Flickr.

Last but not least, if you’re hankering for a class with a polymer clay legend, check out Sandra McCaw’s workshops in Normandy and Burgundy in late October and November. Have a lovely weekend.

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    thanks for all these links ..camille allen’s work is always so incredible !!and especially thanks for publishing the sandra mc caw’s workshop !i am so glad to meet her and learn with her ..
    have a great week end

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