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These beads weren’t made for wearing

Need a break from jewelry or have a bare spot on the wall that could use a spot of color? Cruise through the blog of Spain’s Fabi Perez (ConTusManos). There may be other uses for your favorite beads. Fabi gathers fancy colorful polymer focals and builds them into bouquets mounted on painted wood. Some are featured […] Read more

Polymer surprises

Even if you won’t be traveling to the Czech Republic for Polymer Week 2017, July 2-8, you’ll want to take a closer look what the 15 teachers will be presenting. (Scroll to the bottom of their page.) For example, these brooches from Spain’s Fabiola Perez Ajates pull you in with their layers, colors, patterns, textures, cutouts. […] Read more

Polymer and hardware

Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates shows off these pendant samples for her new classes. Great shapes and unusual hinges set off her rich textures and colors. Like yesterday’s Patti Bannister, Fabi is a mixed media artist who jumps between painting and polymer. You can watch as Fabi smoothly shifts gears on her site. I’m latching onto […] Read more

Mixed media village

Barcelona’s Fabi Ajates has cooked up a mixed media house-building class. This style is her Arabian Nights version which is 24″ by 14″. Made in one piece, the background is painted and then trimmed with polymer, textures and trinkets. Knobs and hooks used in the design make the wall piece double as a handy hanger […] Read more

StudioMojo Shops

These tools and links appeared in StudioMojo over the years and were gathered from readers’ suggestions, from sharing at conferences, and from late night web surfing. The page is thrown together in a loosely organized way. I tired of having to back through old Mojos to find an obscure link and I bet you’ve felt […] Read more

Crocheted polymer

Cut out and texture a polymer slab, pierce the clay with a few small evenly-spaced circles. Consider adding a second layer and more holes. Fire the design. Sew contrasting threads in and out of the holes, wrapping the edges and adding colorful touches. Madrid’s Fabiola Perez Ajates developed this simple decorative mixed media technique that […] Read more

Hidden openings

We move from funny things to secret things. Madrid’s Fabiola Perez Ajates makes inros in surprising shapes with hidden openings. These are from her April class. Her class photos are practically a class in themselves. You can oggle all all the tools in the background and admire the techniques the students are trying. Fabi’s story […] Read more

Polymer heartstrings

Fabienne Avranche’s (Terre d’Effa) polymer string bowl struck a chord with us back in 2008 and five years later, readers are still snatching it from the archives. Now I can post a somewhat larger photo. The bowl’s colorful playfulness appeals to the child in all of us. Five years later we can see Fabienne’s work more […] Read more

Sample polymer

Fresh spring colors pull your eye to the brooches and rings from Madrid’s Fabiola Perez Ajates. These new samples from her May class hum with patterns and layers of interest. The pièce de résistance is the companion container that hides your jewels. Fabi’s known for her clever containers. Thumb through her Flickr pictures to get a […] Read more

Polymer pie

Start your week with a big helping of polymer pie from Madrid’s Fabi. She heaps up nine polymer clay decorative bowls in graduated sizes. The shaping, carving and painting of white polymer makes these into a most appetizing pile of saucers that stack up into a lovely sculpture. You can see Fabi’s progress from white to […] Read more