Start your week with a big helping of polymer pie from Madrid’s Fabi. She heaps up nine polymer clay decorative bowls in graduated sizes. The shaping, carving and painting of white polymer makes these into a most appetizing pile of saucers that stack up into a lovely sculpture.

You can see Fabi’s progress from white to color on her site. She’ll be offering this class in her studio. Rebecca Watkins pointed us to the link.

Stroppel cane examples

The Stroppel cane has traveled around quickly after Friday’s post. See two examples that popped up on the weekend from Randee Ketzel in Texas and Elsie Smith (Sweet2Spicy) in Vancouver.

  • reply jan Montarsi ,

    I saw these last night on Flickr , aren’t they wonderful!!
    Make sure you go to Flickr and see them in Fabi’s Photostream.
    There are pics of them white and one of them all unstacked each is so different from another. The colors and patterns are so much fun .

    Ps I can’t wait to try Alice’s technique !!!

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      I adore Fabi’s work–she just makes me happy. Who cannot smile. looking at her work?

      • reply ronna ,

        Wow … I went to her blog and kept clicking to go back and back and back to see more. She’s an incredible artist. And what a way she has with color.

        • reply Melinda Hayes ,

          very fun and happy work.

          • reply Alice Stroppel ,

            And you thought my work was colorful! I love, love Fabi’s work.

            I can’t begin to tell you the number of people that came to watch my video. Thanks again for featuring it here.

            Randee’s cane and the piece made by Elsie just make me so happy, I’m glad I had something to share. I’ve received several photos via email too. I’m over the moon.
            Thanks again, Alice

            • reply Michele Norine ,

              I love your colors Fabi!! So happy and fun – they make me smile 🙂 your stacking bowls that can also be turned over and used as the lids is so creative – great work.

              • reply Chifonie ,

                Just fantastic Fabi ! and so joyful !

                • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo ,

                  Fabi es una artista estupenda!!! tiene una imaginación y una obra tan magnífica como ella misma^^
                  Siento muchisima admiración por ella y me encanta cada uno de sus trabajos
                  Besitos y gran artículo 😉

                  • reply Lisa Heller ,

                    I am not usually easily impressed, but Fabi’s work had me awestruck.

                    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

                      Ohhhhhhhhh! These are great!

                      I made two Stopple canes at a studio tour on Sunday. I am going to make a set of my big bead necklaces. Cannot wait. Bills come first. Snort.

                      • reply Sara ,

                        Amazing! I love Fabi’s works, are so cool!

                        • reply suzanne ,

                          fabis’work is absolutely fabulous!!! i’ve been following her
                          for a while now, and everything she makes is so wonderful
                          and makes me smile!

                          • reply Ginny ,

                            Fabi has a YouTube channel with visual tutorials! She shows how to make the flower on the upper left corner of her web page. Fabicon Tusmanos’s Channel. Wonderful stuff!

                            • reply Fabi ,

                              Muchas gracias a todas vosotras !!!!
                              Me he alegrado mucho leer los comentarios.
                              Y muchas gracias a Cynthia !!!

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