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Primed to learn

Nothing gets us jazzed for a class more than a heap of polymer samples. Look at the pile that Fabi (ConTusManos) has layed out on this Flickr page and her site for students in Madrid. Our eyes immediately search for clues about how she’s managed her texture and resin tricks. The extruded bails on her […] Read more

Snail shapes for spring

Snail shapes are in the air! Yesterday Fabi’s vessels from Madrid and today it’s Germany’s Margit Boehmer’s polymer sea snail earrings. Margit is all about bright rainbow colors and her Flickr pages are packed with them. Is it the spring rains that have brought out the snails? The link to Margit came from Randee Ketzel. […] Read more

Paper and polymer

These paper and polymer vessels from Madrid’s Fabi may bring a smile to your Monday. The quirky finishing touches are polymer shapes with a Dr. Seuss feel. The pots themselves are made from “serpentinas”, paper strips wound into a tight coil and pushed into shape. Even if your Spanish isn’t strong, you’ll catch how they’re […] Read more

Polymer indecision

There’s so much inspired new work in Fabi’s recent posts that it’s hard to choose what to feature. This bolo-style pendant has a clever construction that Fabi details on her Flickr page. She’s worked out a water transfer technique and embeds the results on thick textured pendants. She’s teaching her methods in April in her […] Read more

Simple pleasures from Terre d’Effa

When life is complex, I gravitate to simple polymer clay pleasures and designs. This bowl made of extruded strings of color looks playful and fun. It’s from France’s Terre d’Effa. I was cruising for pictures and didn’t translate the text. Let me know if you come across her name. (It’s Fabienne…thanks  Miss Tempo.) Often I […] Read more

Featured Artist Directory

Over 500 artists have been featured on PCDaily. We need your eagle eyes! If you spot a broken or outdated link, please let us know. ARTISTS RESOURCES SISTER SITES Aaron, Shay Abba Dabba Video Art Bead Scene Abarbanel, Janice Art Source Carrot Box Abrams, Lauren Cole Belle Armoire Color Stripes Ackiron-Moses, Jill Boston Craftworks Craftcast […] Read more