These beads weren’t made for wearing

Fabi Ajates' beads climb up the walls on

Need a break from jewelry¬†or have a bare spot on the wall that could use a spot of color? Cruise through the blog of Spain’s Fabi Perez (ConTusManos). There may be other uses for your favorite beads.

Fabi gathers fancy colorful polymer focals and builds them into bouquets mounted on painted wood. Some are featured in framed windows or made into knobs.

If a bowl or a box is more to your liking, she’s full of ideas. Here’s her Flickr.

Yes, Fabi makes great jewelry but she shows us how to branch out to decorative items for more variety.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    What a beautiful body of work! The softly-aged vintage look is wonderful. Love the subdued colors and wealth of textures. Good on you, Fabi!

    • reply Fabi ,

      Thank you very much for your words Luann!

    • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

      Clever! And oh so visually appealing;D Really like this artist!

      • reply Fabi ,

        Thank you!

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